Do you consider yourself to be creative?

Too many of us experience the delight adults had in our early creative endeavours (finger painting!) only to feel shame when we get even a little older and creativity seems to become less about EXPRESSION and JOY and more about pleasing and performing…

As we continue to connect with and love our sacral chakras, I hope you’ll give yourself a little (or a lot) time to let your creative self bubble up and experiment.

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Use your mind

But don’t let it inhibit you. There’s ALWAYS a gap (or even gulf) between what we imagine creating and the actual result, there on the canvas / stage / page / recording / new business idea / storage solution in your home etc.

Give yourself permission to play and start over.

As Miles Davis said, it’s not about the note that was a mistake but the note that comes straight after it. Style it out! Or start again (I’m incapable of styling anything out). Have FUN with your mistakes as much as you can.

Use your body

Maybe you’re experimenting with dance or something physical? Maybe you’re knitting or writing or taking photos or playing music or singing – we all have bodies.

Notice how yours FEELS as you create. As you imagine. As you make those sounds / write those words / smell that new dish you’re experimenting with / etc…

Let your heart sing

The latest podcast episode with the fantabulous Suzy Walker has lots about her gorgeous Heart Leap philosophy. Whether you’re writing (if so – check out her Heart Leap membership. We have a great time in communal writing hours and in other sessions) or doing anything else with your inherent, innate creativity, be open to those little leaps, that sense of lightness, of a full bodied YES.

Soothe your soul

Know that it’s NORMAL to fear rejection. Put things in place to make every STEP of the process – from creating to sharing – as possible. (Suzy and I talked about electric blankets and duvets in the exclusive interview for Extra Embodied members that’s available in the Membership Area)

You can also listen to or watch her podcast episode

Eve Menezes Cunningham interviews Suzy Walker for episode 14 of The Feel Better Every Day Podcast

If you’re a subscriber to Embodied Wellbeing with Eve, you can access a free Full Moon oracle card reading from the Earthcraft deck (with the complete reading being available to Extra Embodied paid subscribers HERE)

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