Pleasure and sensuality are your birth right

Amazing and pleasurable as sex can be, you can amp up the pleasure and sensuality in your life no matter what your relationship status is. As we continue on the Love your WHOLE self chakra journey and our work with the sacral chakra, notice the tiny tweaks and bigger changes you can start making TODAY to make YOUR life more enjoyable, pleasurable and sensual

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Use your senses

What do you like to look at? What kind of landscapes and images make your heart sing to even see them? Might you be able to include more of these in your environments and get out to see such landscapes in reality?

To listen to? I’ve cried listening to music that’s really moved me on many an occasion while also having to run in from another room to turn off something that sounds (to me) horrific. What sounds and music might you put on a playlist to support pleasure and sensuality in your life?

What are your favourite feelings? Physically? Emotionally? How might you make them easier to recreate?

When do you feel most sensuous? Most in flow and at ease and relaxed?

Smells? Essential oils? Candles? Foods?


Make a note of whatever springs to mind and incorporate as much as possible into your home and life.

What action will you take today? This week? Month?

Resistance to pleasure

While the above sounds very simple, a trauma history can make even the idea of pleasure and sensuality feel scary. HONOUR THAT and work WITH your nervous system (join us in the Extra Embodied membership for more mind body practices and self care ideas to support you with this) and know that you CAN retrain it.

I did.

If you’re not there yet but like the idea of even imagining what trauma recovery, post traumatic growth and actual PLEASURE may feel like as you continue to heal (and remember that healing is not a linear process), start there.

And let me know if you’d like my support


My body used to have to FORCE me to rest, to take things easier a few days a month, with the endometriosis pain.

I now schedule in rest around each Dark New Moon and remind myself that I can do the nice things (candle lit baths, listening to an album from start to finish, watching a whole film in one sitting, spending time with loved ones, curling up with an amazing book…)

When do YOU need more rest? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? How might you schedule it in in a way that makes sense for you?

Let me know how you get on. You can read more of this and other posts by becoming a free or paid subscriber

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