Sending love to your legs, knees, ankles and feet

This is the penultimate week of our base chakra work on the Love your WHOLE self 2024 chakra journey and Extra Embodied members can access a whole host of supporting self care practices and self care ideas (if you sign up now or anytime you’ll be able to access the rich archive of recordings and posts immediately). Read on for some yoga, affirmations and more…

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[It’s so interesting: Searching a stock photo library for images of legs and feet and all the women are in ‘sexy’ poses while the men are being strong and athletic. IN 2024!!! Come onnnnn]

How do you feel about your feet?

I do my best to nourish, appreciate and support mine now but growing up, I hated them so much (not just mine, ALL feet).

Oh the horror of various yoga therapy and teacher training events where I had to ask strangers to please move their toes away from my nose still makes me feel nauseous writing this over a decade later.

I ensure any groups I’m working with have space to move without intruding into others’ space.

At one point in my teens, my little brother suggested I just chop them off! (Mine, not others’ obviously.)

Bit harsh!

And yet, hadn’t I been saying hideous things about them my whole life?

I’ve come to a place of gratitude for them, thankfully (and the yoga really helped!) and even yesterday, loved walking across my soaked front lawn for some extra grounding and to send them some love.

On occasion, I even slather them in lotion or cocoa butter after a bath and put big socks over them to absorb all the benefits.

I do my best to appreciate them. I AM so grateful to them for getting me places (either walking or peddling on my bike and now using the pedals on my little car as I learn to drive) and I feel sad thinking of how awful I was to them in terms of the thoughts I sent them.

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How might you send YOUR feet some love?

Louise Hay’s affirmation is around loving our feet because they connect us to the very planet, keeping us safe and secure as we move through life, rooted in the truth and feeling confident about each next step and direction.

QUICK NOTE ABOUT LOUISE HAY’S SEMINAL BOOK, LOVE YOUR BODY: You know yourself best. If what she or I or anyone else says about metaphorical meanings around any part of your body resonates, great. If not, tune into YOUR innate inner wisdom and see what comes up for YOU. How might YOUR feet, ankles, knees, legs or any other part of your body be attempting to get your attention? How might you let your body know you’re listening and gonna take better care of yourself?

How might you simply put your feet UP for a while?

How do you feel reading this?

Can you do more to love and appreciate your beautiful feet?

Might a different pair of shoes feel friendlier?

You might want to simply press into them, right now. Feel the soles of the feet as you sit or stand. Feel their connection with the ground or floor. Imagine roots going from them deep into the heart of the earth, helping you feel the nourishing supportive grounding energy that can help you stand taller and reach higher. How does that feel?

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Adore your ankles

Louise Hay’s affirmation (again, full text below the paywall for Extra Embodied members) is about flexibility and mobility as we move through life.

Are your ankles trying to get your attention in any way?

How does it feel to extend your legs in front of you and make small circles with the ankles (gently. You may hear some cracks if you’ve not done this for a while) as you inhale for half the rotation and exhale for the rest? Repeat a few times and then do the same moving in the opposite direction.

We need our knees

Mine are SO much better now but I had months of pain there and had to massively amp up the self care and self love as well as eventually taking anti-inflammatories.

Louise Hay’s affirmation for knee love is about bending and flowing with ease.

How does it feel to sit with your legs spread out as wide as feels comfortable. LISTEN to your body and don’t over do anything. Gently fold forwards (you may want to pop some cushions, pillows or a yoga bolster on the floor to support your upper body as you ease into the stretch) and this can help support the muscles and ligaments that protect your knees.

How else might you support your knees?

Love your legs

How about your legs?

The Louise Hay affirmation is about releasing childhood hurt and moving forward with ease.

Forward folds can be deeply relaxing as we (after the initial feeling of stretch) relax into them. Choose from seated or standing and use bolsters, pillows or blocks to SUPPORT you as you GENTLY reach forward, knowing even a tiny amount is something to build on and exactly what your body needs in this moment.

How else might you love and appreciate your beautiful legs?

Episode 9 of The Feel Better Every Day Podcast

The latest podcast episode has the feng shui expert, Priya Sher, share soooo many new (to me) self care ideas. I bought a weighted hula hoop as a result and have been going outside to not just get the morning light for my circadian rhythms but to attune to the morning’s energy (my Insta @evemenezescunningham from 15/2/24 has the reason (Angel Houdini and Terry Crews Cat watching me from the roof) I didn’t actually go OUT to do this on that morning)…

Watch or listen HERE



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I hope you’re able to send your legs, knees, ankles and feet even a LITTLE extra love, to help yourself feel more embodied and at ease.

with love,

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