Brigid, the Irish Goddess and Saint, was no stranger to having faith in each next best step

As we continue the Love Your WHOLE self 2024 chakra journey, we’re exploring next best steps this week. And Brigid (who’s being honoured with a new annual bank holiday in Ireland each year, starting today) was no stranger to creative approaches when desperate measures were needed

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Brigid was famous for her ability to heal herself and others, her generosity and her ability to get what she needed with an unusually stubborn but humourous approach.

One example was her plucking her own eye out when her parents wanted to marry her off. She calmly popped it back in when they recognised HOW much she didn’t want to

I give my own little Brigid Cloths to loved ones each year as it’s one of my favourite traditions (to pop them out overnight on the evening of 31st January so they’re blessed by Brigid in the morning and able to be used for healing throughout the year).

They can then be used to support the healing (please ALWAYS seek appropriate medical advice and treatment too!) of the whole household. You can read more about this HERE

Episode 7 of The Feel Better Every Day Podcast

The latest podcast episode has the delightful Nick Williams sharing his ideal and actual self and Self care practices, play and creativity as well as talking about the importance of making time and space for ‘inspired thinking’ – something Brigid was known for. Another of her legends was that, when told her could have whatever land her cloak covered, she calmly had 4 of her people carry each corner of her cloak until it expanded to cover the entire area of the land that became her monastery in Kildare.

Watch or listen HERE

Episode 7: Nick Williams

1 Feb

Episode 7: Nick Williams

After twenty-five years of travelling the world offering thought leadership as the best-selling author of The Work We Were Born To Do, Nick now works primarily guiding a handful of truly inspiring leaders who are stewarding innovative ideas into existence. These men and women love to be at their inspired leadership best.

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