Money is a base chakra issue and it can be stressful for many people to even think about. The more grounded and secure we feel, something that happens naturally when our base chakra is working well, we’re not acting out of Stress Response and are instead able to connect with the more evolved parts of our brain and ALL of our resourcefulness.

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To use a personal example, as I typed this, I noticed tension in my heart and chest. I had hoped to have finished my 2023 bookkeeping by now but am still editing a therapy journal edition on top of all my other work (and life!).

I paused with the writing rubbed the palms of my hands together and gently placed them over my heart centre and IMMEDIATELY felt that grounded energy move down to the soles of me feet helping me embody a sense of, ‘It’s all OK, Evei Cat’ (I call myself Evei Cat when I need extra soothing and don’t like not knowing what’s going on with my finances – especially when I’m focusing on this area as part of the base chakra healing during this Love your WHOLE self 2024 chakra journey)

As a result of noticing this stress, I’ve scheduled in some proper time to gently and thoroughly go through everything in preparation for handing the books over to my accountant (the tax year ends 31st December here) and also, to making more conscious and Future Self Friendly financial decisions this week…

How about YOU?

What do YOU feel?

What simple gesture or movement might you make right now to begin soothing yourself?

What simple action will you take?

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What was the easiest and most enjoyable hundred (Euros, ££s, $$ or whatever currency you live with most) you ever made?

This simple question was in the late great Barbara Winter’s gorgeous book, Making a Living Without a Job: Winning Ways for the Joyfully Jobless

Give yourself some time and space to reflect on some of your favourites and notice what information it gives you about where you want to focus your time, energy and efforts moving forward.

You might want to journal or ‘embodied journal’ to really get a sense of how you really feel about it – notice your posture, body language, tone of voice, skin tone etc as you talk to your reflection in a mirror or record yourself and watch or even just listen back later.

Soulful money mentor, Sarupa Shah, was this week’s guest on The Feel Better Every Day Podcast


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Your bounteous bundle of self and Self care ideas

This week’s recordings (free for Extra Embodied members) will include an exclusive interview with Keris Fox , this week’s unique yoga nidra to help you feel more relaxed, grounded and embodied as you take better care of your self and Self by taking better care of your finances (I’m working through all of this myself, too… progress not perfection). There’ll also be a crystal energy cleanse to release some of your money blocks (working with the wonderfully releasing energy of the waning moon, too).

with love,

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