Our chakra journey ~ Love your WHOLE self 2024 ~ starts today!

I’ll be sharing elements of it on the blog each Monday (subscribers get theirs Sunday mornings).

There’s no ‘too late’ as older posts and recordings will be available whenever you sign up BUT now is a wonderful time to reflect on how you might better love your whole self as we move into 2024

This year, we’re enjoying a delicious chakra journey to help you heal, make peace with, love and potentially transform (in the gentlest way imaginable) your relationship to your WHOLE self, mind, body, heart and soul

A brief introduction to the 7 main chakras

Starting with the base chakra in January, we’re working with the nervous system, issues around safety, security, grounding, direction in life, money and more.

Later in the year, we’ll move through all 7 main chakras and if you’re joining later, you’ll be able to read old post and, if Extra Embodied, access all the recordings via the membership area

Our work with the sacral chakra will help you heal your relationship with your sexuality, sensuality, giving yourself permission to trust in life, go with the flow, express your creativity and enjoy all the pleasure and goodness life has to offer in ALL areas.

Moving onto the solar plexus, we’ll be working with confidence, authenticity and empowerment. You’ll learn to manage any stress and anxiety around how others might see you and let yourself SHINE (and, as with all of them, working in a very embodied way, supporting your nervous system and making the whole process as gentle as possible).

The heart chakra is your time to amp up the self love and connect with your own heart, what makes it sing, nurture your relationship with yourself, loved ones, strangers and everyone on the planet. It’s the bridge between the lower part of the body and upper part and between nature and the Divine.

The throat chakra will help you become better at communicating your truth with love and clarity. You’ll improve your self talk too.

Then, the third eye chakra work will help you get better at understanding, connecting with your intuition, your inner wisdom, allowing yourself to DREAM, imagine all you WANT to bring into your reality (I want to say ‘manifest’ but it’s about surrendering to something BIGGER than yourself instead of small ego wants).

Working with the crown chakra will help you connect with this bigger picture, this FEELING of connectedness with nature and the Divine and remembering that we’re all made of stardust.

You don’t have to do ANYthing alone. You have a body (and mind, and emotions) and you are SO much more than these things and anything else you’ve survived or are struggling with.

Love your WHOLE self 2024 and become a free or paid (Extra Embodied) subscriber

You’ll be joining a community of humans (all genders are welcome) who want to heal and thrive while also contributing to creating a more just, sustainable and peaceful planet for all.


Every Sunday, free and Extra Embodied (paid) subscribers will get a newsletter straight to your inbox. It’ll outline the week’s theme.

Below the paywall, Extra Embodied members will have a link for the Zoom live oasis calls they can attend each week and the membership area on Substack, to go to older yoga nidras, EFT Tap Alongs, meditations, energy clearing practices and more.

Extra Embodied members will also receive recordings of the non-confidential elements of the week’s live oasis (your little oasis of self and Self care) calls:

  • the new yoga nidra, unique for the theme of the week
  • some self and Self care coaching and mind body practices
  • recordings of special guests who join once a month for additional expertise around a particular week’s theme (eg, we have the fantabulous Keris Fox of The Ladybird Purse • Opening up about money talking to us about self care and money on Monday 29th January for the 12.30pm call and Suzy Walker from Heart Leap talking creativity on Monday 25th March for the 12.30pm call)
  • access to comments and chats
  • oracle card readings around seasonal energies including the Celtic Wheel of the Year and lunar phases
  • you’ll also receive additional, more personal, reflective posts

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The cornerstone of this membership because not only is rest a radical act in this go go go world we’ve been conditioned to live in but because it has so many mental and physical health benefits.

AND it can help you manifest your dreams.

I made these videos to give you a better sense of what trauma sensitive yoga nidra is, some research and benefits, how to use yoga nidra to help you make your dreams a reality and how to prepare to get the most from each yoga nidra practice

There’s no need to watch these videos but I get so many questions about yoga nidra, I thought I’d make the answers as accessible as possible. You can also subscribe to @evemenezescunningham on YouTube for many additional yoga nidra and other mind body practices.

While I’ve recorded countless chakra yoga nidras over the years, am really looking forward to diving deeper for the Love your WHOLE self 2024 chakra journey

There’s no falling behind

Our energy levels ebb and flow.

Joining Embodied Wellbeing with Eve and/or becoming Extra Embodied is about getting into the habit of checking in with yourself in ANY given situation to help you take better care of yourself and your Self.

You know yourself best.

Sometimes, self care and Self care will mean carving out the time to delve deeper into the posts that interest you most and join the live call, other times, you’ll listen to the recording.

Some listen every night! Daily yoga nidra is wonderful for improving sleep, working on our dreams and goals, supporting the nervous system through deep rest and improving concentration, focus and motivation. Some members attend each week, others have never joined.

Join the calls

Each Monday (excluding Irish Bank Holidays) you can choose from 12.30-1pm, 5-5.30pm and 8.30-9pm.

Depending on the dynamics, each call is different. Some have just one or two participants! Some include the week’s yoga nidra, expert advice from guests, more depth work with me – If you haven’t received the Zoom link (it’s included at the end of each Sunday’s newsletter below the paywall), do please let me know so you can access all the calls. Especially if you’ve signed up over that weekend.

And if you have ANY questions, please let me know by emailing eve@selfcarecoaching.net

with love,

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