Do more of what you LOVE and what comes EASILY in 2024 and beyond

Spoiler alerts from Pixar’s delightful Elemental…

This delightful Pixar film has all kinds of beautiful messages about immigration, refugees being people too, parental pressures and fear of difference and change.

But my biggest self care takeaway was that Ember spent a LIFETIME trying to be different. Better.

Never feeling good enough. Wanting desperately to please her father.

But the thing that ultimately set her free (apart from falling in love with an inappropriate yet perfect match) was the thing she did so effortlessly and easily.

Making beautiful glass sculptures.

As we move into this glorious fresh page of a new year, how might you let go of old habits, pressures and demands (by others and yourself) and instead focus on the things that matter to you?

That come EASILY to you and that you probably undervalue because of this?

I’ve been listening to a lot of the gorgeous Lazy Genius podcast, all about being a genius around what matters to you (and understanding that we’re all different) and lazy about everything else.

I came across it through Rebecca Seal’s glorious Be Bad, Better book. She is my guest for Episode 2 of The Feel Better Every Day Podcast

You can listen HERE via Spotify, Apple etc too.

And if you’d like to start befriending, loving and healing your whole self (mind, body, heart and soul), join the Love your WHOLE self 2024 chakra journey by subscribing for free or as an Extra Embodied (€8 per month) member

with love and wishes for a wondrous New Year,

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