Would you like to send some love to every aspect of your life in 2024?

Read on for more on the chakra healing journey you’re invited on with weekly themes around each month’s chakra. I’m making some big changes in the rest of THIS year, too…

Am embarrassed that it’s taken a health scare to recognise (with the help of loved ones) that I was doing too much for too long.

And am GRATEFUL that I saw it, that my boss (me!) became more reasonable and that I’ve blocked out an entire 10 days off, IN A ROW, over Christmas and New Year.

I’ve not had that length of a break since I started working full time in 1997!

Normally, I think, ‘Oooh, things will be quieter! I can sort the x, y and z.’

And I DID. This year, I’d planned to launch The Feel Better Every Day Podcast on Winter Solstice, what would have been my uncle’s birthday, in his memory and to release a new episode every day (while many people were off for the holidays) until mid to late January.

But I’m rethinking that and still planning to LAUNCH on 21st December but to do an episode a week.

Feel Better Every Day has to be sustainable for me, too.

With that in mind, while you’ll still have access to a bounteous bundle of free resources throughout this site and on the Embodied Wellbeing with Eve Substack I’m keeping more content (more personal reflections and bonus material as well as access to the Live Oasis Calls each week) for Extra Embodied members


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We’ll start with the Base Chakra in January.

This will cover self and Self care themes including money, security, getting organised, next steps, home, creativity, trusting life, going with the flow, sensuality, PLEASURE (link), empowerment, confidence, connection, Self love, relationships, communication (including self talk), intuition, dream work, goal setting and connecting with the Divine.

I’ve been working with the chakras (a beautiful, holistic and powerful way to work with the whole body and energy field as well as your entire life!) since 2001.

While I’ve been sharing them with yoga students (I did Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga training in London) and clients for a long time (I even offered the Rainbow Coaching for Self Care online course several years ago), they’re ever evolving and I’m really looking forward to sharing this journey with you in the New Year.

with love,

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