Highlights from IACP’s conference on intergenerational trauma, addiction and recovery

This Tune In* Tuesday post is about a gorgeous day I attended in Dublin recently and the ensuing healing crisis** (that I got back out of much faster than I’ve managed in the past)

*to that highest, wisest, truest, wildest, most joyful, brilliant and miraculous part of yourself

**when things get worse before they get better and you might momentarily (or for longer) wonder if you’ve made any progress at ALL but you remember to ground and it, like everything, passes

‘Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing creates change you do choose’ ~ Michele Rosenthal

Mick Devine leads an embodied practice connecting us to our inner toddlers and more

I love trauma work because I’m always reminded of how far I’ve come as well as learning new ways of working (from using ancient wisdom to modern neuroscience and everything in between), recognising how much vicarious HEALING goes on as well as all the suffering.

The recent IACP day had some excellent speakers and the vibe was one of pretty much ALL of us being survivors and using what had and continues to help us heal to help our clients and supervisees and groups.

The Alcohol Action Ireland toolkit, for children now as well as adult children of people struggling with addiction, is filled with resources and ways to share stories and heal – visit alcoholalctionireland.ie for more

I find myself BUZZING at such events.

And then, the following day, CRASH.

I’d felt so sure that I was over it all but a combination of events and coincidences meant that I was triggered big time.

I was able to stay grounded enough, to express myself clearly AND with love and the person who was there was able to listen enough that day and since and it has DEEPENED the healing.

But it was hideous.

And I think this is the gift of the day and ALL such work.

Healing isn’t linear but the more we practice these grounding and other tools every day, the faster we can come back to ourselves

What helps YOU when you feel triggered?

You’ll find some simple grounding tools to experiment with HERE

Want to dive deeper?

Sunday’s Personal Peace post is a longer one than usual, with my reflections on the year’s lessons and blessings as I approach my 48th birthday. I share my ‘word of the year’ (transpersonal quality I’ve chosen for the year ahead). I build on this with ways to help YOU embody it in yesterday’s Embodied Wellbeing Monday Motivation post

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