Kindness is all around us

Continuing with this week’s theme inspired by World Kindness Day, today’s focus is on noticing HOW much kindness there is all around you

Today’s blog post was going to encourage you to increase your efforts to be kind to yourself, all about the benefits of mirror work*, journalling** and embodied journalling*** but instead, I want to focus on how kind SO many astonishing humans ARE.

Loads of people are hanging on by a thread right now

Between global issues and personal woes, health and financial issues and so much more.

And yet so many people do more than what most people even imagine, often at enormous personal cost.

So I want to encourage you to support some of your favourite community organisations and charities with time, energy, money or whatever feels good

To give just ONE example, the North West Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NWSPCA). I’d hoped they’d swoop in like the superheros they are (seriously. The STORIES. They should have their own tv show!) and sort the ‘problem’ for me but they were already inundated and I had to learn (and am still learning) to step up.

You don’t have to dive into the deep end, fostering feral kittens and cats (I wouldn’t have if I’d had a choice!) BUT, if you have some spare room and lots of love, you might find you can do it and love doing it. I didn’t think what I could offer was even close to good enough but between not having an alternative and hearing about people fostering in studio apartments, bathrooms, cars etc, I realised that I could (as well as had to) do this.

If you’re local to Westport, you could potentially donate cat food at a drop off point at Homeland.

Maybe you want to donate some money, offer a small corner of your home or even shed if suitable for a foster kitty.

For videos and general kitten spam, check out my Insta and YouTube

You HAVE skills that can benefit your chosen organisation or charity.

As one of the amazing people I’ve been dealing with keeps saying, if more people did just a little, we wouldn’t have to do so much.

What about the refugees who need help? What about the homeless? What about the kids? Sick kids?

I know.

There is SO much suffering on this planet we all share!!!!

And there’s your starting point! Whatever gets your goat most, see how YOU can help them either amplify their efforts or start something new

I imagine that a world with universal basic income would be soooo much kinder as people stopped wasting their lives in jobs they hated to pay the bills and instead knew the basics were covered so they could spend time doing what really mattered to them whether donating their time, exploring their creativity etc etc.

Imagine a kinder society where this was built in, even for a moment.

What would you be doing with your extra time and energy?

Who would you want to be of service to?

How might you do even a little of that today?

When you look around your corner of the world, where do you notice kindness?

* find out more about mirror work HERE

** read about the mental health benefits of journalling HERE

*** Most of what I found around embodied journalling was about performance enhancing benefits of recording yourself were for singing or public speaking but the best, imo, is in improving your Self compassion and awareness, learning to become more gentle with yourself.

Want to dive deeper?

Read yesterday’s Embodied Wellbeing post about how tone of voice has an enormous impact on our nervous system and wellbeing and Sunday’s Personal Peace post about being cruel to be kind to ourselves (and how to be KINDER and more effective!)

with love,

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