A physical and energetic new start for the Celtic New Year – Happy Samhain!

This Tune In* Tuesday post is designed to help you use the powerful letting go energies of Samhain to declutter your belongings, behaviours and beliefs to make way for new dreams and wondrousness…

*to that highest, wisest, truest, wildest, most joyful, brilliant and miraculous part of yourself

Photo of autumn leaves by Eve Menezes Cunningham


The Marie Kondo emphasis on keeping what sparks joy remains my favourite even though I don’t follow her specific order EVERY time I do a Big Tidy Up. Letting go of even a few items (since the first time in 2014, it’s never as intense, just tweaks) transforms the energy and area.

My piano / guest room is currently Kitten Foster Care and I spent a small fortune on cat paraphenalia today. Yes, dealing with cat litter and newspapers and so on isn’t the most beautiful (although the kittens themselves are divine) but I’ve made things as simple as possible in terms of space (and capacity to keep the kittens from escaping the crate before they’ve proved themselves ready), hidden as much cat litter as possible, used colourful blankets and towels and a gorgeous basket bag I’ve had for ages to store the newspapers and other old towels for their bedding. I’m using a pretty stainless steel bin. Even using a bamboo tray to organise hand sanitiser, kitchen roll, food, brush, etc etc means it looks more orderly and is beginning to spark joy.

Will put some finishing touches on it in the next few days but using the best tray I have to transport mucky old food trays back and forth etc etc makes me smile too.

From the time Rainbow MagnifiCat was a kitten, people have laughed at my using fine china for her food and water but back in Essex, her food and water lived under the bike in my living room.

I didn’t want to be looking at ugly old bowls. While the litter tray and scoop don’t exactly spark JOY, they almost DO because it’s a pleasure and privilege to be preparing these purr monsters for their new homes. And such a relief to know they’re warm, safe and on the mend (cat flu).

Whether you’re thinking of a very utilitarian purpose for a space (feral kittens!) or styling an area that’s already lovely, notice how you feel when you remove even ONE item that DOESN’T spark joy.

EVERY thing has energy.

It is safe to let go. It’s safe to release.

You can donate so much and appreciate all you have now as well as what’s no longer holding you back.


Which behaviours and habits will you use the Samhain and the weekend’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energies to release?

Even if it feels like too much, let yourself imagine letting go as easily as the trees do their leaves.

List all the things your life would be better without.

Do some behavioural patterning around them. Simply ask yourself, When do you ALWAYS _____? When do you NEVER ____?

Who will you be without these habits?

Consider creating a Sankalpa around your insights and change them with more ease than you might even imagine.


Which of your beliefs support an easy, peaceful, joyful, loving life? Which hinder you?

Check out Byron Katie’s The Work for a simple but effective way to notice the stories you tell yourself which create suffering.

Which beliefs hold you back?

Which are you ready to even IMAGINE letting go of?


Make like a tree and simply set an intention to release the energies that no longer serve you.

You might even choose to do this in Tree Pose.

Or you could let your shower or draining bath or dishwater carry those old energies away, deep into the earth for recycling to benefit the whole planet AND set you free.

Want to delve deeper?

Sunday’s Personal Peace post has some Sunday Self Care and embodied journal prompts to support you with any grief. There’s also some exciting news (I’m excited!) about two ADDITIONAL live Self care coaching calls every week for Extra Embodied members – Mondays at 12.30pm, 5pm and 8.30pm – each are 30 minutes, focused around the theme and members can attend all three or whichever suits best that week. The week’s new yoga nidra will be after one of them but that timing will vary depending on the rest of my schedule that day and all members will receive the recording by the following evening (usually by Monday evening). FIND OUT MORE

And yesterday’s Embodied Wellbeing post has ways to connect with the body when you might least want to – in times of darkness and pain.

With love,

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