Go where you feel appreciated. Welcome. Safe. Loved.

This Tune In* Tuesday, we’re still (see yesterday’s Embodied Wellbeing post and Sunday’s Personal Peace) working with Bullying Awareness Month while bringing in some long overdue appreciation in honour of Black Cat Appreciation Day on Friday…

Rainbow MagnifiCat | photo credit: Eve Menezes Cunningham

When I think about how much Rainbow MagnifiCat has improved my life, opened my heart and made me so much more kind and patient towards myself and others, I get a little teary.

And hopeful that ALL my feral friends will find amazing homes.

What’s Black Cat Appreciation Day?

Black Cat Appreciation Day was created because too many black cats don’t have a safe, welcoming, loving environment in which they can thrive.

They’re often harder to find homes for because too many humans want cats as an accessory and complain that black cats don’t show up as well in selfies (cry, weep, wail, sob).

Pawsonally, I don’t think such humans deserve the joy black cats offer but the point is that ALL creatures deserve and NEED to feel safe, welcome and loved in order to thrive.

Think about your own life

Are there spaces where you feel, if not bullied, then excluded or not as welcome as you might want?

Do you keep attempting to fit in where you’re not wanted?

Potentially betraying yourself to feel less alone?

One of the (many) schools I went to was very cliquey. My ‘friends’ would talk to me some days and ignore me on others. I found this incredibly distressing as I had no idea what I had done ‘wrong’. I internalised an enormous amount of shame and wish I’d even considered the vast number of kids who might have been BETTER friends instead of fixating on these few girls and literally giving my power away each day.

Remember those glorious, wondrous black cats.

Rainbow MagnifiCat | photo credit: Eve Menezes Cunningham

Rainbow MagnifiCat | photo credit: Eve Menezes Cunningham

They deserve better.

YOU deserve better.

You might find this lovely episode of We Can Do Hard Things, where Glennon, Amanda and Abby discuss ‘belonging’ helpful.

Are there ways in which you don’t create safety, a welcome and love for yourself?

You are wired to NEED these things and even if you don’t yet have it outside of yourself, finding ways to make yourself feel welcome, safe and loved, every day, will help you transform EVERYTHING for the better.

What one thing might help you feel more welcome, safe and loved in your own life today? It might involve others or yourself but what will you do to APPRECIATE yourself today?

Create conditions in which you CAN thrive.

Let me know in the comments.

with love,

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*that highest, wisest, truest, wildest, most joyful, brilliant and miraculous part of yourself

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