Want to feel less hopeless about the state of the world?

Have you noticed how so often, when people talk about the climate crisis or all sorts of issues, a sense of nihilism creeps in? This week, we’re exploring ways to empower ourselves…

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Apocalyptic fiction is way more prevalent than hopeful healing fiction

But can you imagine all that time and energy going into imagining what we WANT rather than what we fear?

You might find this Psychologies feature (where I interviewed the fantabulous Dr Dina Glouberman about ImageWork) of interest.

Think of your own life

Have you ever heard someone say yes we should be doing more but then pointing the finger at another (often historically disavantaged) group of people who are doing MORE damage?

Does that kind of finger pointing and blaming make you feel empowered to make the little and larger changes you CAN manage?

Or does it make you shrug and wonder why bother?

The stories we tell ourselves (and each other) matter.

As Byron Katie’s The Work encourages, check out each painful thought:

Every thought that contributes to your suffering.

IS it true?

Can you 100% know that it’s completely true?

How does believing this thought effect you?

Who would you be without this thought?


Get clarity around those unconscious beliefs and resigned thoughts you know but don’t question.

Want to dig deeper?

Yesterday’s Personal Peace (evemc.substack.com) newsletter has reflections on hope, some health benefits of indulging in some hopeful thinking and feeling plus journal prompts to help you amp up your sense of hope.

And today’s Embodied Wellbeing newsletter has an example of me learning to be more embodied as an adult no matter what other people may think of me 🥶🤣

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