What can you influence? My site and email have been down since Friday so am drafting this on someone else’s phone, hastily sharing the bare bones of this blog post…

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Stephen Covey popularised the idea of a Circle of Concern (where you draw a circle and list all the things that are stressing you out) and Circle of Influence (where you list the concerns you actually have influence over).

And then, you stop worrying about the things you have no control over and EXPAND your Circle of Influence to make a bigger difference and positive impact (while reducing your own stress and anxiety and increasing your confidence).

This week, as you contemplate the elements of self care that are potentially keeping you stuck or even unethical (propping up systems that oppress and exploit people, potentially yourself included) see how your own Circle of Concern can shrink and Circle of Influence can grow.

There’s no Members blog this week (sorry, still can’t access it and can’t keep someone else’s phone!) but this evening’s live call will include Self care coaching around this and a unique yoga nidra.

By now, you’ll have received the exclusive, lovely Suzy Walker interview in the Embodied Wellbeing with Eve newsletter plus yesterday’s Self Care Sunday newsletter exploring the ethics of self care.

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