Do you ever give up too easily? Or keep going too LONG?

It’s Never Give Up Day on Friday! When do you benefit from determination and perseverance and when, actually, would a break or even quitting be friendlier? Read on for a simple experiment…

If you enjoy yoga, you might want to go into Warrior II pose. There’s a book bonus video above

Aim to hold it for 10 complete breaths. If possible, using your Ujjayi breath or else simply your mindful breath practice with a deeper, fuller breath and slightly longer exhalation (to calm the nervous system).

If you’re unable to hold it while breathing in this way, it’s too much exertion for you so you’ll have hopefully already come out of it.

As you hold the pose and notice what’s happening with your breath, ask yourself what feels most natural for you?

To come out of it when you could actually build strength, stamina and resilience by continuing?

Or to give yourself permission to come out of it?

It’s a super simple way to get a sense of what you’re like OFF the yoga mat, too.

Give yourself a few moments to journal around whatever came up for you.

Right now, does self care mean resting, perseverance or both? Monday Motivation

Am so looking forward to this evening’s call with the Personal Peace online membership group. We’ll be exploring an ongoing self care and Self care conundrum of mine.

How is something self care in one moment but potentially self harm another?

They’ll explore ways to get a better sense of when to push themselves and when to REST.

YOU explore this too. How did you get on with the Warrior II pose experiment above? Am aware that this pose demands a certain level of fitness so while that might not be available to you at the moment, you can use it as inspiration or email me to ask for another more accessible idea.

The Personal Peace newsletter has has some reflections on the (almost) end of my Daily Yoga Nidra Challenge/Indulgence. You’ll also be able to access a new series of videos I’ve made before they’re publicly available. AND you’ll be able to access your rose quartz rune stone reading for the week. The post Lions Gate energy has felt intense and with Wednesday’s New Moon, I want y’all to benefit from some extra GENTLE (but still powerful) support.

Spoiler alert: It was more challenging to fit in daily than I’d expected BUT am so glad I did. Without the accountability of the Embodied Wellbeing updates from me in the Chat I don’t know that I’ll manage it DAILY (last night, I left it to 2am!) But I feel more empowered and rested as well as being on creative FIRE (Some exciting news to share this evening!)

The Embodied Wellbeing newsletter is a Monday Motivation offering to offer reflections and journal prompts to help you either before or after tonight’s call – remember, ALL OF THESE are offerings. There’s no falling behind.

What are you going to focus on this week?

Amping up your determination and pushing forward or giving yourself permission to rest?

A combination?

with love,

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