Become your own best friend

It’s World Friendship Day / International Friendship Day on Sunday so we’re looking at ways in which you can be a better friend to yourself and others…

The theme across this week’s blog posts and newsletters is friendship

Read on for some simple self care ideas to help you be a better friend to yourself.

We heal most powerfully by letting ourselves be seen and loved

Co-regulation is simply about letting ourselves BE.

With a partner, a friend – anyone friendly.

When we’re together, nervous system to nervous system, we can (where there’s trust, safety, love and welcome) relax and heal more deeply than we can on our own.

This is (obviously) more challenging after interpersonal trauma where we’ve been hurt by other humans but my hope for you this week is that you’ll explore ways to deepen your connection with a friend or potential friend in a way that feels safe and gentle.

Start with yourself

Do you give yourself time and space to get to know yourself?

Your likes?

Your dislikes?

The things you need to flourish?

The supports you want to keep (or put) in place?

There are times in our lives where it’s easier to connect with others and other times when it can feel impossible.

By starting with yourself, letting yourself imagine your ideal friend or friends, you’ll be that much closer to putting yourself in a position to create or deepen mutually life enhancing and FUN friendships.

What do you consider to BE fun? This can be a great place to start.

Who do you feel most connected to?

Who feels most supportive? Who do you feel able to support?

Dive deeper

The free Embodied Wellbeing newsletter has reflections and journal prompts to help you honour your nervous system and create better friendships at ANY age (it’s truly never too late). I generally avoid ‘shoulds’ but friends really should be friendly!

In the Personal Peace online membership live Self care coaching call this evening, we’ll be exploring and doing energy clearing around friendship wounds while focusing on what kind of friends we want to be and have moving forwards. There’ll also be a deliciously friendly unique Yoga Nidra.

The Fully Embodied (Wellbeing with Eve) paid subscribers will be looking at how they’ve been teaching others to treat them and what they can do to amp up their self worth. There’s also a free preview exclusive interview for ALL subscribers with Josephine Hughes around parenting trans adult children. She’s befriending an entire community which needs all our love and support.

We’re going into Week 2 (you can join in any of the weeks) of the lunar cycle Yoga Nidra INDULGENCE and am loving my Yoga Nidra practice even more while sharing the good, bad and ugly of it in the subscriber only Chat.

If you’re not already a subscriber, you can do so below.

with love,

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