To honour International Justice Day, I’ve created a round up of 24 vintage blog posts encouraging self care around social justice issues plus some indulgent energetic support.

The theme across all this week’s blog posts and newsletters is taking action to support yourself, your loved ones, your communities and the world

Read on for inspiration from a range of real life (including Darnella Frazier, Dr Christine Blasey Ford and the Irish firefighters) and fictional (including Bill and Ted, Jo Karev from Grey’s Anatomy, Nola Darling from She’s Gotta Have It and Sheila, the zombie from Santa Clarita Diet) trauma survivors.

In the Personal Peace online membership live Self care coaching call this evening, we’ll be looking at the action elements of Sankalpas (a positive intention or resolve, mission statement type of sentence that helps us harness the power of the unconscious mind in deeply relaxing trauma sensitive Yoga Nidras). After all, we’re not being fair to ourselves if we don’t fully support our efforts to change (for the better).

The Fully Embodied (Wellbeing with Eve) paid subscribers on Substack (and Personal Peace members) have a Tuesday Tap Along 30 minute live call. If you’re a Personal Peace member or Fully Embodied (and you can become Fully Embodied from under 1.54 Euro per week) you can join us for a live call at 4.30pm. We’ll be using EFT (Tapping) on blocks to support you in exploring and taking action towards your dreams so you can move forward in a relaxed and peaceful manner.

An utterly indulgent but potentially transformative (if you commit to yourself) lunar cycle challenge

I’m encouraging all Embodied Wellbeing subscribers and readers to reflect on the ways they hold themselves back and to get more clarity and focus around what they want. This week’s Embodied Wellbeing newsletter introduces a new benefit for subscribers who want to get clearer on what you want and support in getting there (from me as well as your unconscious mind).

I’ll be supporting this with daily updates in a subscriber only online chat where I’m encouraging daily action in the most indulgent way (Yoga Nidras) and helping people test and enhance their strategies. You can join us for free at or subscribe below:

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I hope you find this round up helpful as well as entertaining

And I wish you the courage to do all you can to face and improve injustice in your home, community and the world.

Learning about the concept of Skillful Mourning when SO much was coming up for healing across so many intersections of society was really beneficial and I’ve become better at staying as informed as I can without becoming paralysed with despair. I hope you find this Skillful Mourning Addition for your 2020 Survival Self Care Toolkit helpful

The Mother and Baby Home horrors (where some of the babies who died remain in septic tanks) would likely never have come to light had it not been for Catherine Corless’s amazing work. Read more HERE along with self care ideas to support yourself

GOAT Simone Biles led the world from one of her lowest points as she put her safety ahead of others’ expectations and took time out from the Olympics. This phenomenal gymnast and human (along with her teammates, Gabby Douglas – who’s returning to gymnastics! – and Aly Raisman) not only survived sexual abuse by their team doctor but contributed to his eventual downfall ALL WHILE BEING OLYMPIANS. Even typing this now, delighted that Simone Biles seems to be flourishing, my mind boggles at how they managed

Imagine if Darnella Frazier hadn’t had the courage to record the horrific murder and the ‘bouquet of humanity’ had turned away? Their courage got some justice for George Floyd. READ MORE HERE

Read more on privilege and peaceful protest HERE

Metta for George Floyd

Self care for when the news is triggering as well as inspiring (Dr Christine Blasey Ford) READ MORE

Fictional inspiration from Nola Darling She’s Gotta Have It And the right to fight back

Luckiest Girl Alive sexual assault survivor inspiration and healing

Inspiration from The Bold Type around sexual assault survival, racism and difficult conversations

Systemic abuse, rape and torture in Black Widow

Escapism for International Women’s Day from Queen Latifah and many more

More support for Black Lives Matter and inspiration from Colin Kaepernick

Advice from a fictional trauma survivor, do what you can to help the best come along

Moving on from betrayal and oppression with Maleficent

Intergenerational trauma and abandonment Jo Karev in Grey’s Anatomy

Inspiration from Jessica Fletcher on facing more death than many coroners

Fear of therapy for Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Life altering illness with a zombie – Sheila from Santa Clarita Diet

The Irish Firefighters

Bill and Ted (I’d love to give the true credit here but don’t want to be responsible for spoilers) saving the world through music and collaboration

Climate catastrophy and anxiety

Nature heals with Where the Crawdads Sing

with love,