Kiss your past, present and future selves better

It’s International Kissing Day on Thursday so this week, am sharing some simple timeline energy work ideas to help you treat yourself more tenderly and potentially transform your relationship with yourself as you heal it ALL…

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What you will need:

  • as big / long piece of paper as you can find
  • pens (include bright colours if possible)
  • any toys, crystals, symbols or anything else that you feel drawn (geddit/) to add

What to DO:

  1. Draw a line representing your entire life, going back before your birth and all the way into your future, as far as you can imagine and maybe even beyond
  2. Begin to mark it (eg, birth a little bit in (if you’re including prebirth which can be very helpful) with the years and decades of your life so far and well into your future included post death (if you believe in any kind of afterlife)
  3. Ground yourself and connect with the nourising energy of the earth, which we came from and will return to. Raise your arms and open them to the heavens, looking up and bringing down a sacred light source to help you heal your timeline. It maybe sunlight or moonlight – any kind of healing radiant light energy
  4. Begin to mark spots on your timeline. Key events, challenges, achievements, traumas, accidents, injuries, illnesses, bereavements, births, moves, graduations, celebrations – anything that stands out
  5. Keep grounding yourself and connecting with that healing light energy
  6. Add crystals, toys, symbols and anything else to bring your timeline to life
  7. Spend as much time as you can journalling or writing letters or even talking aloud to Younger, Present and Older Yous…
  8. Notice how it feels to view your whole timeline with compassion. Think of those astronauts who became environmentalists after seeing the beautiful and vulnerable blue planet (Earth) from outer space – notice how you feel, standing over your own timeline as you view the things you’ve survived and grown from
  9. Imagine gently and tenderly kissing (metaphorically) those hurt, vulnerable, painful, traumatic and sad moments and events. Imagine each event or moment receiving the love and tenderness you’re energetically sending down your timeline as easily as possible
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Keep your timeline somewhere safe

You may want to place it near a window so the healing moonlight and sunlight can work their magic.

Revisit it as often as feels good and when you feel ready to pack it away, do so gently, tenderly and lovingly. Put it somewhere safe where you can revisit it as you wish.

Let me know how you get on. Was it easier or more challenging to treat yourself with tenderness and compassion?

Was there a difference between your relationship with Younger Yous and Older Yous?

What else did you notice?

with love,


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