Happy Summer Solstice 2023!

This is a wonderful time to connect with your ‘public self’ – do you allow yourself to shine at work, in relationships, in your family, in the world? Read on for more ideas…

The Celtic Wheel of the Year offers a wonderful way to work with seasonal energies.

I’ve been using it since I lived in a teeny tiny attic studio in London in my early 20s, pretending the sound of the traffic from the A41 outside was the ocean.

Moving to Ireland, the first place (being Indian Irish, London born) I’d ever lived where I have a blood link, means it’s enriched the work for me enormously.

Am drafting this in gorgeous summer sunshine but it’s the wild West and often rains (or hails) on the Summer Solstice so we take nothing for granted.

If you’re looking for ways to step into the light in your own world, the journal prompts, Solar Plexus supporting yoga poses and reflections in today’s Embodied Wellbeing substack are designed to help you with that.

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If you do nothing else, experiment with this…

Ask yourself what would be different in your life, work and relationships if you let yourself shine.

Remember Amy Schumer’s character in I Feel Pretty? When she believed herself to be hot, her attitude to life changed.

She started maximising opportunities, taking better care of her physical self – she treated herself better because a head injury made her believe that society viewed her a more worthy based just on her looks.

What are YOU holding yourself back around? Something to do with your looks or health? Fitness levels? Finances? Location? Relationship status? Age?

Give yourself permission to imagine shining your bright, made of stardust self ANYWAY.

Starting right now.

Because you’re already part of Nature, part of the Divine.

with love,


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