6 simple ways to be more true to you

What might your life and work be like if you took a, ‘Honey, there’s NO hiding this’ approach?

This week’s newsletter (READ AND SUBSCRIBE HERE) is inspired by Niecy Nash-Betts’ characters in Never Have I Ever… and The Rookie: FEDS

1) Take stock of any shame

Grab your journal (or any pen and paper) and list the things you (or others, however well intentioned) think you should hide.

Be honest.

You can burn (safely) the list afterwards but let it all out of your head and safely onto the page.

You don’t have to DO anything.


If you had Agent Simone Clark’s confidence, how might you handle – how might you EMBRACE – each item on that list?

2) Embody ease

Picl someone to help you heal any shame.

It might be Agent Simone Clark, it might be someone else.

Someone you know personally, an ancestor, a fictional character, historical or public figure.

Imagine you’re them.

They do or have done the thing you’re morto about.


How do they walk / stand / sit?

Pretend to BE them for a few moments.

Bring some of that embodied ease into your own day to day.

How does that feel?

How might you remind yourself to do this more until it becomes second nature?

3) Have patience with yourself

How old are you?

SOME people may leap out of the womb filled with embodied confidence and ease.

For most people, it takes a lot of practice, patience and time.

How can you support one of the parts of yourself (maybe from your list from above, maybe different) more fully?

How can you recognise that it’s natural to have all kinds of feelings and let yourself stay with the discomfort to move through it?

What might help?

4) Remember your inherent divinity


You are part of Nature.

We’re all connected.

The essence you admire in a rose / tree / puppy / iguana / mountain/ ocean etc is within YOU too.

Imagine yourself holding space for these delicate, vulnerable newer parts as you get better at expressing your whole self and Self (that highest, wisest, truest, wildest, most brilliant and miraculous part of yourself).

What do you notice?

5) Find some role models

Fictional, famous, long dead, people you know… it doesn’t matter.

Get into the habit of watching, reading, listening to etc etc people who inspire you.

Connect with your inner Beyoncé/Courtney Love/whoever inspires you with their ability to express themselves.

6) Delve deeper

This week, in the Personal Peace online membership, we’re working with this in greater depth with a unique Yoga Nidra to help you ground the experience while feeling deeply relaxed about it.

The newsletter has more reflections and questions to help you too.

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