6 self care resources for PTSD

It’s PTSD Awareness Month. The site has a huge amount of free trauma sensitive and trauma informed resources to help you support yourself and loved ones, Here are 6 you might find especially helpful:

trauma recovery

1) Trauma recovery advice from Bessel, Peter, Daniel, Stephen, Janina and co

Here are some of my highlights from an online trauma conference where speakers included world renowned trauma experts Bessel Van Der Kolk, Peter Levine, Janina Fisher, Stephen Porges (of Polyvagal Theory (a HUGE influence on my practice) fame) and Daniel Siegel. READ MORE HERE

2) Self care advice for when the news is especially triggering

I published this blog back in 2018, when Dr Christine Blasey Ford bravely spoke out about what she’d survived, little knowing that… well, not gonna go there now. This is about trauma recovery, not depressing ourselves. READ MORE

3) Some of my own journey with PTSD flashbacks

This week’s newsletter focuses on a specific flashback around a housefire and I urge you to support the Irish firefighters as they prepare for strike action. READ MORE AND SUBSCRIBE HERE

You might find the journal prompts helpful, too.

In Ireland, the firefighters are having to start a strike tomorrow due to terrible working conditions. Find out more about how to support them HERE and sign the petition

4) Rainbow MagnifiCat’s trauma sensitive mewsings

I’ve been working on a book, Cattitude: Feline Better Every Day, based around Polyvagal Theory and I’ve had promising feedback.

Am hoping that Rainbow’s new Substack, with daily mewsings to help us all find everyday comfort and joy while listening to our inner animals and regulating our nervous system, will help me get a book deal while encouraging subscribers to be more cat themselves (Feline Better Every Day).

You might smile at her antics (which I’m doing my best to translate). SUBSCRIBE HERE

5) Let yourself relax in a way that feels SAFE enough

I’ve been facilitating trauma sensitive Yoga Nidras since 2013 and offer unique experiences each week as part of the Personal Peace online membership

Part of the reason these guided relaxations are so beneficial with trauma recovery is that there’s something for the mind to focus on (and I am VERY sensitive with the language I use throughout – I still struggle with hypervigilance and used to find partaking in Yoga Nidras excrutiating when I first started listening to others’ so learned the hard way). YOU CAN ACCESS SOME OF MY FREE ONES HERE – they’re designed for relaxation not endurance

6) Some reflections from BACP’s 2015 Trauma Conference

I was part of a panel on trauma recovery with Anne Scoging and Karen Lloyd. I spoke about yoga, EFT and other self care tools.

You can watch additional videos from that day and find additional trauma sensitive resources HERE

The book is also trauma sensitive

How are you going to be kinder to yourself this PTSD Awareness Month?

Email eve@selfcarecoaching.net to let me know.

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