This week, for World Ego Awareness Day 2023 on 11th May, we’re looking at ways to support a HEALTHY ego.

As I explain in this week’s newsletter (READ MORE HERE) while the awareness day was around inflated egos, we all NEED a healthy ego. Echoism is as unhealthy as narcissism!

Write it out

Grab your journal or any paper and pen and write down all the things you hate about someone you know with a big ego.

Or yourself.

Be honest.

What might it be like to have a healthier relationship with your own ego?

There are more journal prompts in the Self Care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing newsletter as well as a perspective rooted in psychosynthesis to help you integrate your shadow parts and shine more fully yourself.

You have a body and you’re more than your body

As you journal or even think about icky ego stuff, how do you feel? Where do you notice any tension or tightness in your body?

It’s really important to be tender with yourself as you do this work so ask this part of your body what it needs from you.

An immediate answer may spring to mind. It might be as simple as warming the palms of your hands by rubbing them together then placing them over your heart centre (or wherever you feel any ego ickiness).

Let that warmth and love and care support you physically and energetically. Repeat as needed.

Be honest with yourself about the ways in which your and others’ egos affect your relationships

What can you do to support yourself through these blips?

How can you keep reminding yourself that even when your wants and needs clash with others’, you have every right to set appropriate boundaries and to express your needs and wants (cleanly and respectfully, honouring others’ rights to their own needs and wants too).

Make a list of a few things to help you help yourself when your ego feels icky.

Who can you talk to without making the shame spiral worse?

What will help you adopt a more gentle approach with yourself?

Remember that there’s SO MUCH MORE TO YOU than this ego ickiness

Do some EFT Tapping or send Metta (loving kindness meditations) or Ho’oponopono (Hawaiian forgiveness energy work) to yourself and all concerned.

Ask your angels and their angels to help y’all find a resolution that is for the highest good of ALL concerned.

Know that you’re safe. You’re OK. All is well.

Last week’s lunar eclipse and Full Moon may still be churning things up for you

You might want to use this waning moon to release any residual ickiness and stresses.

Let yourself notice what you need and want to do and do it.

Drinking more water, eating more nutritious foods, resting more, meditating more and reflecting more can help with the processing.

Remember it’s OK to be a human

There’s not a human alive without an ego. (Yes, I just had a flashback to all the saints and martyrs books I devoured as a small child but we’re aiming to be good enough humans here, not saints and martyrs!)

When you act out, own it. Apologise when necessary but avoid apologising out of habit and when you’ve done nothing wrong.

Let yourself feel the wobbles.

Let yourself get to know yourself as if you were a fascinating human with adorable and totally acceptable foibles.

I hope you find these self care ideas helpful and look forward to hearing from you by email ( or in the comments across the platforms. I do my best to read and answer all of them.

With love,