Embrace your PERSONAL sovereignty

Happy Bealtaine! This week, between the coronation in the UK and the seasonal energies of the Celtic Wheel of the Year, we’re looking at ways to connect with your personal power, harnessing and enjoying your lust for life…

Isn’t it weird that so much of our lives unfold based on the pure luck of who we were born to and where?

While many celebrate the coronation in the UK, I’m encouraging everyone EVERYWHERE to celebrate your own inner king and/or queen.

If you feel like it, grab your diary/journal or any pen and paper.

These journal prompts are not about encouraging you to spend more money than you have or to need any money at all.

But if you have a notebook or journal or some fancy paper you’ve been saving for some special occasion, consider making yourself, right here, right now, this special occasion.

Reclaim your personal sovereignty as an expansive energy

I feel a bit weird writing about the British Royal Family at all as while I was born and mostly raised in the UK, it’s always felt so strange. Especially now, more than a decade of Tory rule and austerity meaning the extravegance seems even more out of touch.

Then history (the horrors of empires and what they’ve done around the world as well as some in the UK’s more recent language around sovereignty and Brexit) means many (imo) misuse the word.

True sovereignty is accessible to all of us. Anytime. Anywhere.

We ALL matter. We can all make a difference.

In this week’s newsletter, I talk about why I chose to be a slave for a school project as a 5 year old and how I, like so many, disowned my power for so long.

Even learning to drive aged 47 is a form of stepping more and more into my own power, connecting with my own sovereignty.

You can subscribe below and read it in the archive if you want to:

For now, for your own eyes only, see how it feels to let go of any guilt/resentment you may have around any kind of privilege/oppression you have experienced, based purely on things that are out of your control, from birth place, family, money, race, gender etc etc etc etc

Connect with your inner queen or king

If you were behaving in a way that honoured your ancestors and the earth you’re part of, no matter where you were born or who to (of if you even KNOW), just recognising that your ancestors survived through the ages and that you were BORN, what different choices might you be making about:

  • the first thing you did when you wake up
  • what you wear
  • how you treat the clothes and other possessions you have
  • how you treat your body – washing and styling with care however natural or ornate you choose to go
  • what you eat and drink
  • what you do
  • how you talk to yourself
  • how you talk to others
  • how you STAND and MOVE through the world. Just walk for a moment as if wearing an imaginary crown or other symbol of your choosing
  • how you treat the environments you live in and spend time in
  • how you treat others
  • how big you dare to dream – for yourself, your family, community, employees etc etc etc
  • how much sleep you give yourself
  • how much rest
  • how you spend your money – frittering what you have away? Saving a portion sensibly? Wasting? Worrying?

The more you connect with your inner queen and/or king subpersonalties (or parts), the more you’ll be connecting with that highest, wisest, truest part of yourself.

It’s not about wealth but about attitude

Knowing you – like everybody else – is important. What you do matters. You have more power than you might realise whether it’s in your vote or your ability to make someone’s day with a smile and a kind word or two.

As Queen Latifah titled her memoir, Put on Your Crown.

How does it feel?

What can you use to anchor it?

This might sound silly but it might also give you some ideas to support your inner sovereignty: For the past couple of decades, I’ve had my mugs and closet organised by chakra.

Each morning, I use it as an additional mindfulness prompt to notice how I’m feeling and which chakra could use some extra care and attention.

I choose a crown chakra mug (eg, one with gold – fake, just a few euros from Dunnes) on days when I’m either in a slump. They help me remember that I – like everyone else – matter, or on days where I need to step up and do my absolute best.

It also helps me remember to trust, surrender and connect with Divine Love / Source / God / Goddess / Nature / the Universe.

What do you already have that might support you in remembering that every choice you make matters?

If you have some money to spare, what might you buy for your home / workplace / car to remind you to keep connecting with your personal sovereignty?

Who supports your sense of personal sovereignty?

I recently watched the first part of the Brooke Shields documentary, Brooke Sheilds, Pretty Baby and was struck by her saying that her first experience of feeling like someone wanted her actual opinion was when she was a student at Princeton.

This experience, as she developed her voice and stepped more and more into her power, impacted the way she then moved through the world in her work, as well. She had literally been raised to look pleasing from babyhood, advertising soap.

On the other hand, in a recent CNN interview with Chris Wallace, Jessica Alba talked about how empowering playing Max in Dark Angel had been when she’d been a teenager as James Cameron had been very interested in her perspective and voice.

She recognised that it had given her additional confidence in other roles and in business.

Who, in your life, makes you feel most respected and cared for? Cherished and loved? Seen and heard?

I realise that many actual royals miss out on this because they’re so objectified by birth order and what they mean.

But imagine YOUR personal sovereignty extending to your willingness and capacity (and EASE) in speaking up for yourself and others.

How does THAT feel?

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What will you do today to connect with your inner queen and/or king?

Notice how even IMAGINING it feels.

And feel free to email eve@selfcarecoaching.net, or connect on social media to let me know how you get on!

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