Honouring our life support system: Earth

This week, we’re exploring ways in which we can do better by our mutual home – Earth – AND ourselves for Mother Earth Day.

With Mother Earth Day falling on Thursday, on the Dark New Moon, the energies can help us set intentions for healing ourselves, our environments and the planet and all her inhabitants.

To do so, if you don’t already have a preferred way, you might want to grab three sheets of paper and a pen and write Me on the top of one, Home (etc) at the top of the next and World at the top of the third.

Let yourself empty your mind onto these three pages and list All The Things that pop up.

When you feel you’ve exhausted the ideas, take a look at your list and think about what you’d like to prioritise for this coming lunar cycle – 28 days…

I’m really embracing my inner hippy – especially with the launch of the Personal Peace online membership

Without a healthy planet, we have nothing.

So this week, we’re focusing on embodied wellbeing – for ourselves and for the world.

In this week’s newsletter (subscribe HERE for exclusive content and special offers), there’s more about this beautiful interview with Kaitlin Curtis (on the We Can Do Hard Things podcast with Glennon Doyle, Amanda Doyle and Abby Wambach).

The podcast episode explores Kaitlin’s efforts to reconnect with her Indigenous heritage and heal her whole self.

As Kaitlin says, embodiment is about REremembering our connection with the earth

The word Goddess gets overused. But back in the day (thousands of years ago), around the world, women – and the earth – were revered for the capacity to create new life.

Colonisation, invasions and expanding ’empires’ thrived by disconnecting people from their inherent knowing.

Oppressive systems including white supremacy, the patriarchy and capitalism mean we humans have become separated from this.

Do you only honour the magnificence of the world we live in when you’re looking at something especially beautiful?

A mountain? The ocean? A forest?

What about closer to home?

Do you neglect your own body? Your home and other environments?

Do you recognise the majesty of nature and other people but put yourself down instead of honouring every cell of your being?

Where do you feel most embodied? Swimming? Having sex?

Mountain climbing (like Kaitlin)?

Practicing yoga?

Lying or walking barefoot on the grass?

If your home feels out of control, even sorting a small corner and letting the honouring of your environment grow from there can be helpful.

When we take better care of ourselves and our spaces, it’s a way of showing respect, appreciation and care.

Capitalist culture that preys on our insecurities in order to get us to constantly feel like the answers are outside ourselves and that we need to be taller/thinner/richer/whatever in order to be worthy.

Because it’s the world we live in, it’s easy to forget – it’s in the air we breathe.

But when we remind ourselves that we have a right to feeling safe, welcome and loved in our own bodies, exactly as we are, we connect with that deeper embodied knowing.

Spend more time in nature, honour YOUR nature.

Bring your journal or simply sit/walk/stand/lie down/take pictures/climb or do whatever helps YOU feel connected, strong, embodied, at ease and however else you want to feel.

From this empowered, embodied you, notice the choices you want to make around all the basics – sleep, food, movement etc.

And notice how you feel about things like work, holidays and down time.

Cheryl Strayed recently told the We Can Do Hard Things podcast about her doing a Liz Gilbert and writing a letter to herself about what she already KNEW she needed to do.

You might want to try the same.

In a loving, gentle tone – as if it’s to a friend (YOU!) – let yourself KNOW what you already know!

If you’d like support connecting with this on a weekly basis, you might enjoy the Personal Peace online membership but (as above) you don’t need ANYTHING outside of yourself.

What do you KNOW you know about how you might better honour yourself, your environments and Mother Earth?

Feel free to email eve@selfcarecoaching.net to let me know.

And feel free to share this post so others who may find it helpful can read it.

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

*that highest, wisest, truest, wildest, most miraculous part of yourself

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