13 self care ideas to help you sleep well

With just ’13 sleeps until Christmas’, you might be deliciously excited or potentially overwhelmed, depending on your perspective. So this week, we’re focusing on simple self care ideas to support better sleep…

1) Imagine yourself having the best sleep ever

Make notes / draw what you imagine and build as much of this into your actual bedroom, bedtime routine etc etc.

2) Tell yourself you’ll be fine

When you’re calculating exactly how exhausted you’ll be tomorrow, soothe your amygdala (the alarm bell of the brain) by reminding yourself that you’ll be OK no matter how little sleep you get.

3) If your mind is too full, make notes

For tomorrow or Christmas or whatever and trust Future You, all rested and energised to get it done easily.

4) Breathe yourself to sleep

Your calming, mindful breath practice will help you activate your rest / digest response making sleep more likely from the comfort of your bed.

5) Be as active as you can during the day

Tiring your body (in a friendly way) with exercise, walks, gardening etc will help you sleep better when it’s time for bed.

6) Bridge Pose is wonderful for preparing to sleep

As you do it – earlier in the day – imagine yourself bridging the gap between being tired and being well rested and energised. WATCH HERE

7) Experiment with Yoga Nidra and similar guided relaxations

Train your mind and body to relax deeply during the day and it’ll be far easier to sleep well when it’s bedtime. EXPERIMENT HERE

8) Be KIND to yourself

Whether you’re struggling with insomnia or sleep deprived, the las­t thing you need is extra judgment and criticism

9) You wouldn’t yell at a toddler, kitten, puppy or pet lizard

Don’t yell (even silently in your head) at yourself. Be gentle and soothing. LEARN MORE HERE

10) Make your bedroom a place you delight in

Fresh bedding, soothing surroundings, pleasant smells, comfortable temperature – make your bed an indulgent happy place.

11) What in your life are you asleep to?

Your sleep issue may be a metaphor for something deeper – is there something you’ve been trying to ignore in your life, work or relationships?

12) What are you ready to wake up to?

If you were rested, energised and recharged each morning, how might you shine more brightly? Let yourself imagine ideal sleep for the rest of your life.

13) Remember there’s more to you than being tired

Even when we’re conditioned to wear our busyness as a badge of honour and push and push and push, there’s a part of you that KNOWS you’re enough. Let yourself BE.

How is your sleep?

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With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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