Simple but powerful dream analysis you can use yourself

This week’s blog has some simple self care ideas to help you better connect with and understand your Self* through your dreams…

Last night (at time of drafting this) my strange dreams included one where I saw a giant fox in the back field.

It was the size of a donkey.

Not in the BEST condition but still stunning.

And a little scary!

I went back in so I could watch without risk.

My fox friend (in my imagination, I didn’t know how friendly she / he / they felt towards me) was joined by a lion, tiger, panther and wolf.

Each the size of a donkey.

I was running from window to window to see all I could see and saw the wolf seemingly bite my dad.

I hadn’t realised he was out there and opened the door to get the wolf to drop him.

I managed to distract the wolf for long enough that my dad could get his arm free but then, of course, the wolf was angry with me.

My dad had run away from my house and the wolf was coming to the back door. And turned into a white male human who could stand up and reach the lock and handle…

And then I woke up. Just another strange dream…

OR a helpful message from my unconscious?

Do you write your dreams down?

As well as training your mind to remember them, you’ll get several clues as to their efforts to help you.


Even hideous dreams are your unconscious mind attempting to help your conscious mind live better in your waking life (as well as the whole laying down memories – you can access free tips to help you sleep well HERE)

Metaphors within the dream

Keeping the wolf from the door…?

Am exceedingly fortunate in so many ways but it certainly won’t hurt to rein in my spending and get better at saving.

Concerns about my 80 year old dad’s wellbeing?

Of course. And I see him often and include him in my daily Metta (find out more HERE).

Nothing surprising here but I’m delving deeper as demonstrated below…

When you write down your own dreams, what might they be telling you metaphorically?

Would you like to delve deeper into your own dreams?

I’ve been using this tool with clients and groups for well over a decade. I remember devouring dream dictionaries as a teenager and always feeling frustrated that the author’s interpretations never matched my own.

YOU know yourself (and your Self) best.

I’ll use mine as an example:

1) Identify the main elements: a) field, b) fox, c) lion, d) tiger, e) panther, f) wolf, g) dad, h) back door, i) white man.

2) Take each element and get curious. How is this aspect of the dream (really  in Gestalt terms, an aspect of myself) trying to help me?

3) Go through each and, as if YOU are the thing you’ve dreamt about, list at least three adjectives to describe this part of the dream (part of your own unconscious). Then ask how that element of the dream is trying to help you in real life.

Eg. a) I am the field. I am big. I am wild. I am open.

I am trying to help Evie in real life by… getting her closer to nature.

b) I am the fox. I am enormous (the size of a donkey). I am unkempt. I am still adorable. I am a little scary.

I am trying to help Evie in real life by… having her recognise that even what’s adorable can be dangerous.

c) I am the lion. I am huge. I am out of my natural habitat (eg India, Kenya). I am powerful.

I am trying to help Evie in real life by… reminding her that she comes from a long line of immigrants on both sides who’ve been able to adapt to new environments and grow.

d) I am the tiger. I am stunning. I am colourful. I am potentially dangerous.

I am trying to help Evie in real life by… reminding her to be cautious even when things seem so beautiful.

e) I am the panther. I am huge. I am powerful. I am majestic. I am relaxed. I am comfortable.

I am trying to help Evie in real life by… reminding her to take as much time for stillness as possible. To enjoy the field.

f) I am the wolf. I am huge. I am angry. I am on the rampage. I am hungry. I am a predator.

I am trying to help Evie in real life by… showing her that even though I’m beautiful and majestic and wild, I am dangerous and have hurt her dad (in the dream. He’s fine irl)

g) I am Evie’s dad. I am in pain. I am stuck (in the wolf’s teeth!). I am able to get away safely.

I am trying to help Evie in real life by… showing her that there can be strength in endurance.

h) I am Evie’s back door. I am glass. I am lockable. I am easy to open and close.

I am trying to help Evie in real life by… showing her the benefits of healthy boundaries.

i) I am the wolf man. No longer wolf, I’m a large white man, coming to the door. I am angry. I am unstoppable. I am entitled. I am scary.

I am trying to help Evie in real life by… showing her that even when she’s scared to assert a boundary (eg not let a predator hurt her loved ones or herself), she CAN do it.

4) Spend a little more time journalling and reflecting on how the dream may have been trying to help you overall.

I woke up just before my boundary was breached. Maybe it would have worked!

Either way, I am proud of Dream Evie for letting Wolf Man know that he was NOT welcome in her home.

This whole dream might sound like a nightmare but I woke up feeling empowered and strong.

Younger Evie wouldn’t have even attempted to fight so this shows me how far I’ve come over the decades.

Several elements surprised me when I sat down to actually analyse them.

I have so many strange dreams, I only use this tool when one really stands out.

Can you think of a dream that stayed with you?

Want to try this tool? It only takes a little time and some suspension of disbelief

You can read more about dream analysis in the book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing HERE

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What’s the best lesson you got (so far) from a dream?

Feel free to email with any questions or comments.

And feel free to share this post on your social media etc so others who may find it helpful can read it.

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

*that highest, wisest, truest, wildest, most miraculous part of your Self

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