Healing your inner child can be fun

The idea of working with your inner child (or inner children) may feel daunting but it’s a wonderful, transformative and healing practice that you can make as complex or as simple as you want. I hope the ideas in this blog (and the Rapport column) help you experiment and play more…

Is your inner child getting enough attention?

While I’m mostly using the tradition term coined by John Bowlby, ‘inner child’, I also sometimes talk about ‘inner children’ because it’s not just ONE childhood wound we’re working with.

You can attend to as many as you like.

You can work with your wounded inner child, your playful inner child, your creative inner child, your adventurous inner child, your neglected inner child and of course your inner child at different ages.

The more we listen to the hurt inner children, the more we make room for the creative, energetic joyful parts of you – and you can still access and learn from them.

And, when we attend to our more FUN inner children parts, that can help us better get to know our hurt inner children, too.

There are no rules beyond listening to this long forgotten, abandoned wise and playful self.

You can read the full Rapport column (Autumn 2022 issue) by scrolling down or clicking HERE

You can also read more in the book

Imagine your inner child as the most delightful creature you ever had the pleasure of getting to know

What does she / he / they want you to do with them?

Just like actual live children (and adults) in your life, the more you pay attention and connect on seemingly silly levels, the more likely they’ll be to come to you when things are more serious.

Let yourself ENJOY this healing process.

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With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

*that highest, wisest, truest, wildest, most miraculous part of your Self

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