Mini meditation to help you let go and flourish

Struggling with grief, loss, sadness, heartache or simply feeling a bit stuck? This energy and space clearing meditation can support you in creating conditions in which your Miraculous Self can flourish. It’s adapted from a gorgeous Energetic NLP (ENLP) meditation I learned from Art Giser a decade or so ago.

It’s in the book, too.

Simple magnet meditation

  • Make yourself comfortable, sitting or lying down. Avoid crossing your legs or anything else so the energy can move freely
  • Grounding into whatever you’re sitting on, imagine an enormous magnet hovering a few meters above your head
  • Allow the imaginary magnet to gently remove any inauthentic energies from the top part of your body, as easily and effortless as if they were iron filings being gently drawn to a real magnet
  • You don’t have to think about what you’re releasing but if thoughts spring to mind, let them go, like imaginary iron filings. You might want to imagine thoughts, beliefs, headaches, burdens all flowing gently from the top of the body, through the crown of the head and out into this magnet
  • Now imagine another enormous magnet a few meters below your feet. Imagine it drawing the inauthentic energies that you’re ready to release through the lower part of the body and out through the soles of your feet
  • Again, you don’t need to consciously control anything about this process but if anything springs to mind around your direction in life, next steps, anything around safety, security, money and grounding, you might want to consciously let the magnet take it all
  • Imagine a third magnet a few meters in front of your body, drawing away any inauthentic energies that you’re ready to release with ease. If you want to consciously (no need) release anything, this is a good time to let go of fears around the future and any issues with the front of your body and any challenges you’re facing
  • Imagine a fourth magnet a few meters behind your body, drawing away inauthentic energies from the back. Again, simply trusting the magnet to do its thing and, if anything springs to mind, offering that intention to let go of energies from your past and anything impacting the back of the body
  • Imagining a fifth magnet a few meters to the right of you, drawing away any inauthentic energies from the side. Trusting the magnet to do all it needs to do, releasing any energies that are ready to be released with ease. And if you want to consciously release anything to do with the right side of the body and with anything to do with your contribution to the world and what you offer, letting all of that go
  • Imagine a sixth magnet a few meters to the left of you, gently drawing away any inauthentic energies from this side. Again, simply letting the magnet work its magic and, if you want to, consciously releasing any issues around the left side of your body and anything to do with your capacity to receive what’s freely given
  • Let all six magnets continue working away for a few moments and when you feel ready, send them all deep into the heart of the earth, letting all those energies which no longer serve you but which are after all energy, be recycled for the benefit of the planet
  • Now (most important bit) imagine a healing, grounded, golden light energy a few meters above you. Let it radiate out to the top corners of your energy field and the bottom corners of your energy field. Imagine it coating your entire energy field with thick glorious, grounded, golden light. When it’s completely coated, in your imagination, let this light fill your entire energy field and especially the parts of your energy field and body that have released the inauthentic energies, nature abhors a vacuum. Give your soul a little spa as you hang out here, in your imagination, for a few moments (or longer if you have longer and it feels good to do so).
  • Do the same for the room you’re in, magnets then releasing then bringing in the healing light
  • Repeat again for the building you’re in
  • Imagine a golden ball of healing light energy bouncing ahead of you as you picture the rest of your day going smoothly and joyfully
  • Remember you can do this as often as you want, wherever you want. Crowded Tube, train or bus? Magic.

I’ve even done it when feeling cramped in a swimming pool. It transforms my experience of anywhere I might be feeling stuck by simply clearing what I’m ready to clear and opening me up to all the wonder and joy the healing light offers.

From this space, it’s so much easier to take each next best step in all areas of our lives.

I hope you’ve found this helpful and would love to hear your experiences with it

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