Pretty much everything I write is to help me process the world myself and (hopefully) do better moving forward. If I were to pick ONE tool that helps me enormously on a daily basis, it’s remembering that feelings, even ones we’d (sometimes) rather not be feeling, are our allies. You can read more in this blog post which includes my latest Rapport column…

I hope you find this Rapport column (Summer 2022) helpful – you can read it below.

By grounding myself and connecting with the Charge (that electricity like energy – neither good nor bad, simply information) and being curious about it and compassionate with myself, I’ve had some Very Brave Conversations these past few years.

It might be a low bar, but I’m giving myself credit for doing things differently.

I’d have simply run in the opposite direction from these situations (several came up at once in different areas of my life) for most of my 46 years on earth.

I knew I was scaring myself AND I knew that whatever the outcomes, I’d be absolutely fine. Everything is information

I’ve been learning to listen to my body’s wisdom for decades now and each time I think I have it sorted, I find there are ongoing lessons for me to (hopefully) learn and evolve from.

Mini meditation

Ground yourself ~ There are so many ways to do this, experiment with whatever works best for you. There are plenty of grounding ideas HERE

Send yourself some love ~ Rub your hands together until you feel a warmth. Place them gently onto your heart centre. Send that warmth into your heart with as big a blast of love as you can. There are more ideas HERE

Get curious ~ Mindfulness is all about being present on purpose and, without compassion for ourselves, it can backfire. Ask yourself what you need right now. And begin to notice the most prominent sensation you can feel in your body

Connect with your Charge ~ your ENERGY. Your life force. Your Prana. Your Chi or Qi. Stop trying to not feel! Feelings are our guides. Emotional, physical, mental or spiritual pain is a sign that something is off. By getting curious about it, you can reassess and change direction where needed. Honour your aliveness and let it lead you to joy.

Paying attention to all our senses, including the feelings we’d rather not be feeling, makes it easier to access the feelings we WANT more of. It also makes us less likely to act out as we’re better able to be present with ourselves and others.

There’s more (much more) about all of this in the book, 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing and you can access book bonus videos (meditations and more) HERE

How are your feelings trying to help you right now?

And if you want to let me know about a time you used your senses to help you change direction in any area of your life, feel free to email

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With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor