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Mini mindfulness self care supports

Yes, I called my practice Feel Better Every Day but sometimes, this means letting ourselves cry / sleep / curl up under the duvet (or in an underground tunnel of earth). Everything is information.

Let yourself cry

Your tears may come easily. They may need help. They may be so used to being suppressed that when you actually GIVE yourself some time and space to feel the rage, pain, sorrow, grief etc etc etc, they feel stuck. This is FINE. Natural.

Keep creating a little space for yourself and know they’ll come when they’re ready. Imagine if you’d been ignored for days, weeks, months or even years? Would you burst open at the first invitation? Sadder, more vulnerable feelings may need coaxing too – tearjerker films can help as can journalling, EFT (Tapping), watching the news and letting yourself feel all the feelings – whatever works for you.

Let yourself REST

Early nights? Lie ins? Naps?

Let yourself curl up under that duvet and know that you won’t feel like this forever. Let yourself lie on the grass and connect with the earth’s healing energies. Let yourself imagine curling up inside an underground tunnel amongst the worms and spiders (if this is something that feels relaxing for you to imagine). Let yourself recharge and heal.

Build in mindfulness moments that help you notice what you need throughout the day

Mine include my morning meditation and adapting it as needed, my morning yoga (sometimes a stronger, longer practice, other times, very gentle – always information) and even tiny clues like the mug I choose for my hot lemon and ginger or rosemary tea. Is it a gentle floral pattern? A more robust design? Something extra dynamic for days on which I have (or need) more energy? I do the same with herbal tea selection, the food colour I choose for my bath, what I choose to read or watch. You can use ANYTHING as an opportunity to check in with yourself and what you need in any given moment.

Surround yourself with gentleness

The local lambs, calves, buds beginning to open and, of course, the MagnifiCat are some of the things that remind me that I deserve and need that same gentle approach when feeling a bit fragile. What helps you?

I hope the lambs in the lamb baa da video helps you connect with that adorable, gentle, deserving of tenderness and care side of yourself.

How are you going to help yourself cope with some of the sorrows of the world?

Feel free to email to let me know what you need right now and what you’ll choose to do differently as a result of taking even a moment to attune to what might help you – ultimately – feel better.

And please feel free to share this post on your social media etc so others who may find it helpful can read it.

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor





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