Cat Coaching for Self Care: Your Misery Doesn’t Help Anyone

There’s a lot going on in the world so Evie has drafted in the big guns this week (aka MOI, Rainbow MagnifiCat) to help y’all take better care of yourself by enhancing your cattitude by being more cat

This is (one of) my disapproving look(s).

I wear it while watching the news and when watching the human ‘dance’ around the house.

It’s ALSO the look I wear when I hear of people being so distressed by what they’re watching on the news that they neglect themselves.

How does your suffering help ANYONE?

You’re LESS likely to be able to ease others’ pain when in martyr mode so my encouragement this week is to be MORE cat.

Amp up your self care.

The human’s being going for extra long walks, doing additional yoga practices, cycling further etc etc (and that DANCING, good grief. But it seems to help her burn off all the excess stress hormones).

She told me she wished she’d known as a child HOW important it is to move feelings from the body in a healthy way

Any kind of movement can help with this.

It’s about noticing how you’re feeling and what you need. A stretch? Great. A leap? Y’all can’t jump as high as me but still, Evie finds her mini trampoline and some angry music brilliant (when she isn’t simply walking around or stepping over it).

What kind of movement helps you?

What STOPS you doing what will help you feel better?

Evie tells me that you humans have been conditioned from early childhood to endure sitting still when you wanted to run and play (or run away). That over time, y’all get so good at ignoring the body’s natural healing capacities that energies get stuck and blocked.

So start small.

If you share your home with a wondercat (or dog or lizard or whatever), notice how WE move.

Notice how it feels when you copy us?

Pretty good, huh?

What does that feel like in your body? How do you want to move next?

What ELSE can you do?

While we cats are inherently magnificent, y’all humans CAN be pretty amazing yourselves.

We don’t spend hours taking your pictures and making videos and uploading them or showing our human to our friends’ human when on a call… [Evie edit: Alright, Creatchy. That’s possibly too much information] but there’s been a pretty inspiring response from many many humans.

Some people devote their entire careers to helping others. Donating to established organisations like the Irish Red Cross means they have the infrastructure in place to really help Ukranians who need it.

There are also many local organisations you might donate money, time, energy and other skills to. Look for them. It really helps with feelings of helplessness. There are also organisations specifically to support Ukranian animals caught up in this human insanity.


Just as sitting still (instead of walking, stretching, running, leaping, climbing, jumping, napping etc etc) looks very strange to us felines, humans attempting to feel different emotions to whatever is happening seems Very Odd.

When I want to go out and it’s raining, sometimes, I still want to go. Other times, I let out a plaintiff wail of self pity and the human explains that she can’t control the weather for me.

Sometimes, she can’t tell WHAT I’m howling or wailing about.

But she (almost) always comes to find me and ask if I’m OK, tell me it’s going to be OK and that she loves me. She’s working on doing this for herself with ALL the feelings but is a LOT better since I came into her life

I don’t care what others think about my emotional outbursts and you don’t need to either. All you need to do is feel all the feelings.

The grief, the rage, the fear, the fury, the helplessness, the hopelessness, the HOPE, the joy (seeing people being kind and courageous often makes my human cry) – let yourself feel it all.

Cry. Shake. Sob.

Rest as much as you can.

Be more cat

It truly is this simple.

Notice how you feel in any given moment and give yourself permission to meet each need.

Too many people in the world DON’T have these options and denying yourself simple self care practices that can help you connect with MORE of your resourcefulness and help more people makes no sense at all.

Take inspiration from Zelenskyy and the Ukranian people

Focus on the present meowment and keep on keeping on, reassessing whatever will help YOU Feline Better Every Day

Meow for now,

Rainbow MagnifiCat




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