Weather Warnings and Self Care

Were you OK in the storms last week? This blog post has self care ideas to help you use the weather to better empathise with yourself and others. And there’s a special Wind Meditation to help you release energy blocks

My head is still (metaphorically) spinning that we had three NAMED storms within 5 days and STILL aren’t prioritising the planet’s health (our very life support system) with every action and local, national and international policy.

Another thing that often strikes me with weather warnings is people’s responses

Some people hear others’ experiences (maybe much milder or much worse than their own) and listening is more beneficial than you might imagine.

They don’t minimise or exaggerate.

They understand that weather changes. That even a short distance means different levels of severity. Right now, the light snow fall has pretty much melted but just a few km away, it was much heavier and settled.

A man was killed here in Ireland last week. Others were completely unaffected by the storms. Some were flooded, lost power, roofs and windows etc. Others didn’t even have disturbed sleep.

Similar to the way we’ve all been dealing with the pandemic, we’ve been affected in different ways, some more than others.

Of those who’ve been most affected by the weather, some will have insurance and savings that cover costs, others will have the additional stresses of having no idea how to afford the repairs.

The parts of the world most affected by climate change are also least able to afford it in many cases. I heard of people somewhere having to climb trees to get out of flooded areas and someone asked about the older people and injured and the horror as it dawned on them that basically they can’t get to safety.

Listen to yourself and to others

If you’re telling someone about your experience (in a storm or with a trauma or maybe just a tiny stress) and they judge or minimise or tell you how you SHOULD be feeling about it, ground deeper (every storm strengthens the trees if it doesn’t upend the roots).

Remind yourself that your feelings are your feelings. They’re neither more or less important than anyone else’s but because they’re YOURS it’s important that YOU attend to them and process them.

Talk to the people who let you explore how you feel rather than anyone who shuts you down

Do the same for others

If someone is telling you what a hard time they had with it, ground and LISTEN.

You don’t have to leap in with solutions and ideas.

It’s more supportive if you ask them what THEY need and want from you.

How was it where you are?

Here in the west of Ireland, Dudley and Franklin were the worst. But while it was sooooo galey I was a little concerned about waking up in Kansas, I was lucky to keep power, internet and telly.

I managed to walk each day but took the same approach to a WALK as I take to the sea swims. Step by step. Does thus feel safe? Does this feel good? Too much? No worries, turn back…

When it eased enough but was still windy, I did a lovely few Wind Cleanse Meditations (see below and the video above for full instructions if you’d like to blow some cobwebs away yourself).

I do simple weather meditations whatever the weather on my daily walks.

Simple Wind Meditation to release energy blocks

Whenever you feel a bit stuck and there’s a gentle breeze (or gusty but not TOO galey wind – this is about self care not punishing yourself), step outside.

As you face the wind, hold your arms out wide and imagine it gently (or more strongly) blowing away any and all energies you know longer need.

Imagine your future path being cleared as old energies no longer block you.

Rotate so it blows away the energies from your left side, the back and right side. Imagine yourself releasing all the old blocks from your past that you’re now ready to let go of.

Once you feel fresh and clearer, raise your arms above your head like a funnel for healing, golden, grounding light from above to fill your whole body and energy field.

Imagine this light energy permeating all the areas you’ve let go of old energies.

Notice how you feel.

Repeat as needed (using your intention when the weather is not at all breezy).

How did that feel?

Give yourself some time and space to journal around it.

Take responsibility for the energy you bring to any situation

The more grounded you are, the more resourceful you’ll feel. The less likely you’ll be blown over by others’ stormy feelings.

Working with the body to ground is an excellent starting point.

And clearing any old, inauthentic, stagnant energies is going to help you replace those with healing, grounded energies that improve any situation.

How are you going to amp up that compassion for yourself – and others – whatever the weather?

Feel free to email to let me know.

And please feel free to share this post on your social media etc so others who may find it helpful can read it.

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor




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