Feeling a Bit Burned Out? You’re Not Alone

So many people are struggling with post viral fatigue, Long Covid, other chronic health conditions, perimenopause, menopause, mental health issues and just the EXHAUSTION of it living through a global pandemic. This post has some simple self care ideas to help you rest, recharge and even recover

Considering I’ve been living with a chronic pain condition (endometriosis) for decades AND my entire practice and most of my writing is around self care it’s a little embarrassed to KEEP needing to remind myself that rest not only feels good but is essential not just for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing but for ANY kind of creativity to be possible.

As the world continues to open up and we hope we’re through the worst of the pandemic, it can be tempting to attempt to do All The Things.

Low energy can be a brilliant guide

Instead of forcing yourself to go out, do more and keep on keeping on, what would it feel like to pause?

To give yourself permission to wonder WHAT you want to do and what you definitely DON’T want to go back to?

This might mean reconfiguring your work life, your social life, dynamics in your relationships or simply allowing a little extra space in each area of your life.

Sometimes, the body forces us to stop and listen

Pain, injury, chronic condition flare ups, depression, anxiety attacks, migraines and so many other things force us to rest.

The other day, i found myself MISSING my monthly endometriosis pain. It used to be regular and so severe I’d be dosed up on painkillers and sometimes on the floor in pain.

I learned decades ago to create as light a schedule around these days as possible.

Extra sleep, extra exercise leading up to it (this would ease pain), more time for a more gentle yoga practice, extra journalling and meditation, reading and time in nature. Less time with others…

What can you do so your body doesn’t have to FORCE you to listen?

Now, without this screaming body forcing me to rest, it’s easy for me to take on too much and go full steam ahead until I feel like I’m running on empty so I’ve learned to block out a few days each month around the Full Moon.

Not days off, but days where, apart from deadlines, sessions and other appointments, everything else can wait. I ensure more sleep (earlier nights, maybe a nap), longer walks, more downtime

And all of a sudden, I don’t feel like I’m undead.

I’m conscious through my work with a herbalist to ease perimenopause and menopause that the more I work with my body to balance my hormones and blood sugars, the less severe those symptoms will be.

Where pain was a huge motivating factor all those decades, the idea of an easier menopause is helping me now.

What preventative measures might you put in place to make that migraine less likely? To possibly avoid that backache? To give your whole body a chance to recover and heal rather than yelling at yourself that you ‘should’ be over it by now?

Simple mind body practice to help you connect and relax

The video above has a simple way to integrate EFT Tapping with the Relaxation Response.

The video below shows how to integrate the Relaxation Response with Yoga Therapy

Just because it’s super simple doesn’t mean it’s easy BUT for just three minutes a day, you’ll be building a brilliant self care tool into your daily life and getting the benefits not just for those three minutes but anytime life feels stressful.

Prioritise FUN

It’s so easy to prioritise work and commitments and while I’m not advocating irresponsibility, I AM encouraging you to ask yourself if fun keeps falling off your radar?

Save some of your energy, some of your spoons for what feels GOOD.

What springs to mind for you right now as you ponder the possibilities?

What are you going to today to prioritise resting, recharging and even recovery?

Feel free to email eve@selfcarecoaching.net to let me know.

And please feel free to share this post on your social media etc so others who may find it helpful can read it.

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor




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