Do you feel like _____ is an impossible dream or do you feel in every fibre of your being that it’s just a matter of time as you KNOW you’ll get there? This blog post (and the feature I wrote for Rapport) has ideas to help you relax and even enjoy each next best step

You’ve already reached several long term goals

You might not even realise it because you simply KNEW that at some point, you’d finish school, graduate college, travel to ____, have a family etc etc.

There are lots of societal sanctioned long term goals like promotions at work, marriage, children, fitness.

You may or may not have wanted / attained some / all.

Take a few moments to list everything you can think of and keep adding to it. It’s a wonderful way to build confidence, HONOUR how far you’ve come and improve your motivation as you move forwards.

Different starting points

One of my sources in this feature about long term goals, Rebecca Lockwood, completely transformed her financial situation.

If you want an amazing income and you’re drowning in debt, considering what you want will help you to a degree but without putting steps in place to do the remedial work, getting out of debt, any success may be on shaky foundations.

Even if it feels like it’s taking forever, honouring how far you’re getting even when it feels like very little progress is visible is very important.

Recovery and wholeness

While I gave the example of my move in this Rapport feature, my BIGGEST long term goal success has been the healing I’ve had so far.

I used to wish I was dead at LEAST once a day for many many years.

In my 20s, in emotional and physical pain each day, dreaming of many of the things 2022 Evie takes for granted (with appreciation) would have felt as out if reach as the idea of becoming a millionaire or Olympian or something.

Some of your long term goals may feel less like ‘goal planning’ and more about trauma recovery or maybe with a long term chronic health issue

I drafted this in a hospital car park suddenly realising that my becoming happier, healthier and feeling more whole than ever at 46 is beyond what Younger Me had dreamed of.

There’s definitely room for improvement but things I couldn’t have imagined (feeling GOOD on a regular basic, loving life) are now much more regular occurrences.

What do YOU want?

Perhaps you always knew that the things people around you strove for didn’t appeal as much as the idea of writing a novel, creating a hit Broadway musical (I’ve not seen Tick Tick BOOM yet but holy macaroni, that was a looooooong term goal for Jonathan Larson).

Maybe being able to afford a little travel is living the dream for you.

Or building your own home.

Having a family.

Maybe your goal is for your community.

Again, list everything and let yourself find more clarity by noticing how you feel about each item. Which goals energise you? Which feel like ‘shoulds’?

Harnessing the power of the unconscious mind

Yoga Nidra can help you relax AND increase your motivation for taking those everyday actions and making choices that align with your goal.

The Sankalpa element becomes a way to regularly reconnect with your positive intention or resolve around this long term goal. As you use all your sense to imagine it becoming a reality for you, you gain clarity around it and imagining yourself achieving it becomes easier over time.

You can read more about Sankalpa’s by scrolling down HERE

What’s your biggest long term goal at the moment?

What are you going to do differently as a result of reading this post?

Feel free to email to let me know.

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With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor