Transform (Or Simply Upgrade) Your Life in 2022 With One Simple Self Care Practice

This post has a super simple idea that I’ve been using for decades: Using a tiny diary to chart your progress with ANY intention. If you stick with it, it’ll keep you accountable as you make and sustain your change in 2022 and beyond…

Much as I love many of the inspiring annual planners available now, this simple, focused (and MUCH cheaper) option is great if you want to take the pressure off yourself while still making a big upgrade to your life.

Set your intention

Pick a goal. Any goal.

It might be personal.

It might be to do with work.

It might be to do with your family or community.

The world…

Pick ONE thing

It might simply be to do SOMETHING every day which feels friendly – basic self care. SOMETHING that shows you that you’re beginning to prioritise yourself. Some days, this might be meditation, other days yoga or running or whatever but DAILY SELF CARE can be your one thing to help you transform in 2022.

It might be a quality you want to cultivate in yourself – to be more PATIENT, LOVING, KIND, COURAGEOUS, FORGIVING or anything else…

Perhaps it’s a specific goal around a new job, a promotion, a benchmark of success in your industry, writing that book or song or whatever it might be.

Something that is big enough to chart your progress throughout the year.

Maybe it’s one healthier habit. To eat more nourishing food. To exercise more. To make more time for loved ones.

Perhaps it’s something you keep meaning to do but are finally ready to focus on (since failing my theory test, I keep forgetting to study and retake it so I can start driving lessons.

This year, I’m going to use MY little diary to support me in learning to drive!

Maybe you’re ready to sort your relationships – one in particular or (recognising that we’re the common denominator in ALL our relationships) improving the way we relate to ourselves and to everyone else.

If you can’t pick just one thing, I hear ye

Still, focus is so important, I’m encouraging you to pick one goal or habit per diary.

Don’t dilute your energy.

It’s much easier to build on something later (says the woman who routinely has 60 books on the go) than to dissipate your progress by confusing yourself.

If you’re really struggling you might want to make it a little (not too much) broader.

For example, if you’re looking to make healthier lifestyle changes, instead of a narrow focus like ‘Eat better’ [making this specific] or ‘Exercise daily’, where they’ll become habitual within a couple of months of daily effort, EMBRACE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE may be vague enough to encourage you throughout 2022.

Do you feel ENTHUSIASTIC about this transformation you’re planning?

You may be reading this at any time in any year in the future (unless time travel has become a thing and you’re in the past) but I’m writing it in December 2021.

If you’re planning this for the start of 2022 or any new year, give yourself a change by making it something that makes your heart sing at the idea of.

Sure (with my example) I DREAD the idea of driving lessons and the test (possibly tests. Way to psyche yourself out, Evie).

But I feel full of enthusiasm to imagine the FREEDOM driving will bring me and my loved ones. And random hitchhikers (post pandemic) etc etc.

What helps you feel more motivated and fired up?

If you’re struggling, PICK SOMETHING ELSE. Be kind to yourself and do something you WANT to do.

When setting Sankalpas for Yoga Nidras it’s essential to have that positive intention or resolve as something you genuinely want for yourself rather than trying to talk yourself into wanting something you don’t actually care about.

What to log

It doesn’t matter HOW you do it, just that you keep yourself accountable and DO it. Every evening or night.

Pick up your diary and write just a few words. It might be specific. It might be even a vague cooler (further away), warmer (getting closer), cold (oops) or hot (yay!).

Giving yourself a number to grade how you feel about your progress each day can be helpful too.

This is the same scale I encourage people to use when Tapping with EFT and it’s possible that you’ll sometimes (or daily) want to tap on your progress or any disheartening setbacks.

0 = neutral

-10 = TERRIBLE. As cold as cold can be

+10 = AMAZING. You’re there already!

A few words can help you assess what, that day, HELPED you prioritise your _____ and what, that day, made it feel more challenging or even impossible.


Everything is information

As the year progresses, you’ll be gathering some wonderful data. You’ll be able to notice cycles.

These may be patterns that help you work more effectively with your menstrual cycle energies if you menstruate.

Maybe you’ll attune to the moon using the lunar cycle.

Or the seasons or any other patterns that become obvious.

Men’s natural cycles tend to be shorter than women’s 28 days but we’re ALL individuals.

Getting to know YOU is what will help you plan more effectively moving forward.

What are you choosing to transform (or simply improve or upgrade) in 2022?

Feel free to email to let me know!

And please feel free to share this post on your social media etc so others who may find it helpful can read it.




With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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