Who Are You Becoming?

It’s (in this hemisphere) the Summer Solstice on Monday.

As I mention in the book, it’s a wonderful time to appreciate all the goodness and sweetness in our lives as well as looking at our commitments, contemplating our ‘public selves’ – our contributions to the world – and letting go of what no longer serves and stepping up to shine.

On Monday’s membership call, I encouraged participants to connect with their highest wisest selves (Self / Higher Self / MIraculous Self / True Self / Atma) and ask themselves what they most wanted for themselves, for loved ones, communities they’re part of and the world at large.

I generally have between 30 and 60 books on the go (it takes me a while to finish each!) but in this build up to the Solstice, Don Lemon’s This is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism (Little Brown and Company, 2021) feels particularly apt so it’s my morning reading, breaktime reading and bedtime reading.

He talks about moments of truth (eg, when the world watched the sadistic murder of George Floyd last year) and how such moments force us:

‘… to see ourselves through the lens of hindsight, everyone of us will face a personal moment of reckoning:

‘I had an opportunity to know, and this is what I chose to believe.

‘I had an opportunity to speak, and this is what I chose to say.

‘I had an opportunity to act, and this is what I chose to do.’

Whether what you most want right now is a world in which EVERYONE is treated with respect – equality, justice, peace and freedom for all – or something has happened in your own life and it’s a more personal moment of reckoning, I hope Don’s words above will inspire you to remember, as Gloria Steinem often says, ‘We must act as if everything we do matters. Because it just might.

The Summer Solstice reminds us of our personal fire. Our potential to affect positive changes in our own lives, in our communities and in the world at large. The need to step up.

Is there a correlation between your biggest personal want, what you want for your loved ones, community/ies and the world at large or are they very different?

In the group on Monday, we worked with potential self sabotage and ways to be more congruent with our goals but anyone reading this can do the same and simply ask yourself, What do I want?

Be honest with yourself. Let yourself want what you want.

Why DON’T you want what you want?

Getting clear on the drawbacks (time, energy, commitment, missing out on other things etc) as you pursue what you want will help you decide if you want it enough. And, if so, to put supports in place so you’re less likely to lose momentum when you run out of steam.

I love the build up to the Summer Solstice and being extra clear about what helps me feel a greater connection to Nature / the Universe / Mother Goddess / Father God / Divine Love / Source or whatever you call it.

The time of year gives me an extra permission to check in with myself about whatever commitments I WANT to take on or keep going with. And what no longer serves.

In the past, I used to feel guilty, like I should somehow make time and energy for everything. But releasing what gets in the way allows more clarity and focus. And everyone benefits.

Whatever your past, you get to start shining right now

It can be challenging to create new neural pathways, to create new, more empowering habits and to take responsibility and ownership for your life. Especially for trauma survivors

But it’s POSSIBLE.

And what happens if you don’t?

For your own life? For other survivors? For the world? This is NOT to put pressure on anyone or rush you – healing takes time. But sometimes, the idea of creating a safer space for others can help us better take care of ourselves in the meantime.

What can you do / stop doing to energise yourself?

We can’t count on that glorious, energising, inspiring sunshine that somehow makes everything look and feel better but we CAN audit our lives to ensure we have as many self care practices and other things in place as possible to support us through rain, hail, snow, storms etc.

Which self care practices do you find most supportive? Daily? Weekly? Monthly etc?

Whether you already know exactly what you want or are ready to give yourself the gift of a little time to see what emerges for you, I hope you enjoy this Free Summer Solstice Yoga Nidra

Here’s a Summer Solstice EFT Tap Along script to play with, too.

Each moment offers us the chance to do better

To create (or sustain) ways of being that make it more likely that we’ll LIKE the person we’re becoming.

And, again, with the Solstice almost here, Don’s words feel especially appropriate:

‘It’s time to have a point of view, not just an opinion.

This is a moment, to be sure, but it’s not an island; it’s part of the continuum that begins every time we say now, a timeline reinvented by each breath, each blink, each word out of your mouth. If there is a message in this moment, it is a clarion call from our collective future, begging us: Don’t screw this up. I intend to step up, stay visible, and stand on the right side of history without faltering. I challenge you to do the same.’

You get to choose

Whether what you want is a better world for all or something far more personal, remember that YOU get to choose each step you take and whether it brings you closer or further away from what you want.

There are things you can do to make this easier

The Summer Solstice is also a time of remembering the nourishing supportive earth energy we ALWAYS have access to. Whether you’re working towards, keep yourself as grounded as possible.

I adore being able to do my yoga on the front lawn when the weather permits. Even walking barefoot on the grass, paddling in the sea (or swimming), sitting or hugging a tree can bring an instant smile and sense of our capacity to remember that we’re part of something much bigger than ourselves.

We can tap into this nourishing grounding and supportive earth energy to support ourselves AND help us do better by the planet and our fellow inhabitants of earth.

with love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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