What Energises You?

I always (no matter how cold) come out of the sea beaming but today’s bonus BEACH swim felt so magical, I imagine it’s set me up not just for the week but for the year.

When the unexpected opportunity arose, I hesitated! I’d planned to sea swim tomorrow but was on deadline today.


So I leaped at the chance and am STILL beaming.

I then leaped at the opportunity for a social distanced walk with a friend before starting work late, KNOWING that I’d be far more effective and efficient as a result of having amped up my energy with such holiday like self care..

And I’m nearly finished!

My schedule doesn’t always offer such flexibility and yours might not either BUT there are ALWAYS choices we can make that bring us more of what energises us and less of what drains us.

What might that look like for you this week?

What are the non-negotiable things you really need to do?

What might you postpone or take off your plate altogether?

What do you MISS the most? Because I’d been so fortunate as to be able to continue with my at least once a week sea swims at the Quay during the 5km lockdown all these months, I hadn’t expected my soul to be SO happy to be at a beach.

For you, it might be a drink in a beer garden (possible now for UK readers) or something entirely different.

Think about all the things that lift your energy and see how you can fit in even small tastes of them.

Between that and eradicating as many energy drains as possible, you’ll be in a wonderful position to begin this emergence as restrictions continue to ease so that you’re not unconsciously falling back into old patterns that simply don’t serve you any more.

Use this enforced break to reassess what makes you happy and DO more of that

If you’d like ongoing support, the Feel Better Every Day online membership programme may be of interest.

And it may simply be a matter of giving yourself permission to HAVE whatever feelings and reactions naturally arise for you. Rather than judging yourself or attempting to feel differently, listen to your energy levels and do more of what helps YOU feel better.

Your loved ones (and strangers!) will benefit, too.

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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