We’re (Hopefully) Nearly There – Keep Going

Have you ever looked back at something you nearly gave up on (maybe more than once) and been so grateful that you persevered, even if things felt pretty hopeless at the time?

In the new Amazon Prime film, Brittany Runs a Marathon, well, the title gives it away… Still, it’s a delight to see the central character persevere and grow in spite of so many obstacles and so much self doubt.

I’m remembering the comfort of strangers’ encouragement climbing the Reek last year, telling us not only that we were nearly there (long before we were ACTUALLY nearly there) but that it was totally worth it.

And it was.

I’m also remembering Bank Holiday Monday. I thought sanding, sealing and painting a corner of a ceiling I’d been looking up at every day thinking, ‘I really must sort that ceiling’ (talk about an energy drain) would be faster, even having allowed more time than I thought I’d need.

By early evening, I felt as if the whole day’s efforts had been futile because the old damage from a leak before I moved in was still visible.

I’d sanded, done two coats (allowing extra time to dry) of sealant and then paint. The whole job was gross (ceiling flakes, ewwwww) and had it not been for seeing some beautiful donkeys during one of my breaks, it would have felt like a wasted day.

Taking inspiration from the donkeys – known for their capacity to persevere – I kept going.

A professional and many other non professional decorators wouldn’t be but in comparison to how it had BEEN, it’s a massive improvement.

And I’m (decor wise, it’s a low bar) delighted with it.

When I felt it simply wasn’t working, I was far closer to success than I’d recognised.

I’d been close to giving up – my self talk had been more compassionate than it would have been in the past (this work helps) but there was definitely some audible, ‘You can’t do it. It’s hopeless. It’s pointless…’

What have you almost given up on but been glad you persevered with?

You might want to grab your journal and make a list of everything that springs to mind. It doesn’t need to be chronological or in ANY kind of order. Simply note the things that felt Too Hard but, in the end, you got there.

Actual labour pains?

Recovery from an illness or injury?

Getting out of a terrible relationship?

Surviving a horrific housing situation?

Studies that felt beyond you?

Work that felt impossible?

Endless systemic injustices?

An athletic feat of some sort?

An adventure that felt terrifying in the middle?

Trauma recovery?

Grief that never felt that it would ease?

Something else entirely?

What are you struggling with right now?

It might be Covid_19 related (you can access lots of free self care coaching resources and mind body practices to help you with the stress of it all HERE)

It might be to do with something else entirely.

Again, give yourself permission to connect with that ‘negative’ feeling of it all being too much for your allostatic load.

Notice how you feel when you write it down / let it all out in some other way.

We ARE dealing with a lot. AND, we’re almost there. Think about it, a year ago, would you have believed you could get through such a year? You HAVE made it. And better times are coming.

AND, you’re more resilient as a result of the growth – in all sorts of areas – you’ve had this past year.

Could you use more support?

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With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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