Feeling Exhausted? You’re Not Alone

Are you exhausted by:

  • HAVING Covid_19, caring for someone with it or recovering yourself?
  • Having to manage homeschooling on top of working from home?
  • Having to manage homeschooling on top of NOT working from home?
  • Managing a chronic condition?
  • Only now beginning to relax a little after four years of the White Supremacist in Chief making life, frankly, terrifying for vast swathes of people?
  • Being a key worker with no end in sight and people not only not appreciating your risking your life but flaunting conspiracy theories and making everything you’re having to do so much harder?
  • Following the rules as best as you can only to suddenly discover (Ireland) that hordes of people have been gleefully flying out for sunshine holidays instead of sticking to the 5km limit that’s been in force most weeks since OCTOBER?
  • ENRAGED by life’s injustices?
  • A myriad of other potential causes?

The Importance of Rest

We tend to buy into the narrative that we have to be productive at all times and if we’re exhausted – for whatever reason – we’re somehow broken.

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Journal Prompts: What can you do today to give yourself a break?

You might want to grab your journal or simply a sheet of paper.

No ifs, no buts.

Let yourself dream.

List EVERYTHING you can think of.

Some of it won’t be possible right now but what, from your list, can you actually indulge in?

What can you make time for?

What can you cancel?

What tiny tweaks and bigger transformations are you ready to make so you look back and potentially see this exhaustion as the catalyst that helped you learn to take better care of yourself?

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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