What are You HOPING Will Happen?

Personally? In your community? In the world?

Happy First New Moon of the New Year! A great time to ponder what we WANT.

Yes, even when things feel at their bleakest.

The new moon offers an opportunity to ponder intentions and think about what’s emerging from even the darkest of spaces.

What projects (from the tiny to life changing) are you nurturing?

What ideas are mere sparks, offering a teeny bit of hope and excitement?

What are you MOST looking forward to about the coming 28 days and beyond?

Imagine the best possible outcome you can around some of your personal goals. They might be they around work, relationships, fitness, health, money, mental health, finding a greater sense of joy, prioritising your self care or something completely unrelated.

Make a list of the best case scenarios around each of them.

You might want to create vision boards and/or mood boxes to make them feel that much more inspiring and energising. Use all your senses. Be curious about what feels good for you.

What’s the best possible outcome you can imagine for your community?

Again, use your senses to make it as vivid as possible for yourself. Make a list of the best case scenarios around each of them.

What about your hopes for the world? Again, dream big and write it down (or draw or ground it in some other way).


As you think again about the personal, community and global intentions you’re setting, how can you turn one or all of them into a simple Sankalpa?

Create a positive statement or even a new Sankalpa (for use in your Yoga Nidra practices [YOU CAN ACCESS A SPECIAL NEW MOON YOGA NIDRA HERE] to really get the unconcsious and conscious minds working together, making taking those steps so much easier).


  • Let what you want come from the heart
  • State it in the present tense, as if it were already a reality for you
  • Notice how you feel as you mentally (or aloud!) repeat your Sankalpa.


As well as using it in your Yoga Nidra practice, you might want to write it down in different parts of your home, maybe take a picture of your vision board, with the Sankalpa on it, and use it as your screen saver.

You might also want to write it (or them if going with all three personal, community and global) and keep it safe to release with the full moon in a couple of weeks.

And you might want to do a mini visualisation with it each night before bed. Let yourself prepare for sleep by leaving the world of thought and language and instead moving into a dreamier, image based way of sensing.

You don’t even need believe in lunar energies to benefit, it’s a soothing way to help you imagine the practical steps you’ll take, with ease and grace, to make your dreams a reality.

These might be specific to your personal goals or, for example, regarding hopes you might have for your community to be healthy and thriving, it might be a renewed resignation – enthusiasm may be too strong an aim – for doing everything possible for YOU to do to stop the spread of corona (eg staying home, washing hands, social distancing and wearing a mask when out or around others). What does the community you long for look like? It might be location based or it may be a group of likeminded souls?

Maybe it’s around something far further afield – I’m lighting candles for people with Covid_19 and also for Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris. When I worry about them, I refocus my concentration to imagine them happy and well, the Inauguration behind them, insurrection thwarted with consequences and healing. The beginnings of a more peaceful, just, sustainable and compassionate world where everyone can thrive and flourish. What does the world you hope for look like? How do you feel as you imagine it being a reality? And again, what can YOU do? It might be as simple as checking sources before forwarding memes and other links of social media.

As you imagine practical steps, you’ll also likely think of potential pitfalls. You can mentally resolve before they become actual problems – win win!

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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