Another Yule Blog ~ Simple Self Care Ideas to Help You Make the Most of the Seasonal Energies

I love this time of year.

As well as encouraging clients and supervisees to reflect on the year that’s nearly over and set intentions for the new year, I do it myself.

An important part of this is doing everything we can to release all that we’re ready to release.

Letting go, clearing – allowing ourselves to be open to all the goodness and magic life has to offer.

We’ll be working with intention setting for the new year in the coming weeks. You might already have an idea around the transpersonal quality you’d like to welcome more of into 2021.

THIS BLOG POST has more around this simple and effective self care coaching tool and you can make a note of what you’re ready to welcome as well as what you want to release

My quality for 2021 is EASE.

A part of me wishes I could skip all the clearing and just leap into the new year AND experience has taught me how effective it is to do the work and that this will make everything far easier, too.

We can’t welcome what’s wonderful if we’re all clogged up with 2020’s (and before) rubbish. Energetically.

Why now?

Yule – on Monday – is the Winter Solstice. It marks the day where the nights stop getting longer.

Instead, we hold that hope for more light and warmth returning.

The days might still be dark and cold but we know that daylight is now increasing.

In the Celtic tradition, we let go of the old and ask for the new. We reflect on the energies that are dormant within the earth and within ourselves.

We might (I know I do) want to rush ahead and see progress, growth and flourishing but some patience now, while we hold that inner light and HOPE for what will emerge is a powerful energy to harness.

We burn what we’re ready to release with our Yule Logs.

Last year was my first ACTUAL Yule Log and I remain over the moon to be able to repeat the simple ritual with an open fire this year. I’m already making notes on the log I’ve selected, ready to be burned and let go of next week.

If you’d like more information about how to do this, THIS BLOG has instructions and more.

Yule Yoga Nidra

You might also enjoy this special Yoga Nidra for working with the energies – listen as often as feels good in the days coming up to the Solstice and for a few days after.

Yule EFT Tap Along

This EFT Tap Along is a more physical way in which you can tap around your face and upper body to clear the old energies, beliefs, patterns and behaviours that have been holding you back.

Journal Prompts

You can help yourself clear by making time and space in your life to process what the year has brought up for you.

Maybe – like so many – habits you thought you’d seen the back of re-emerged?

How do you feel when you ponder the following:

  • I am not enough
  • I’m too much
  • I’m unlovable


If any of them resonate, rather than trying to rush ahead into feeling amazing, place your hands over your heart centre and congratulate yourself for sitting with the beliefs that have been holding you back, even if just for a few seconds.

Once we make them conscious, they have less of a hold on us.

You might want to write them on your Yule Log, too – release, release, release.

It’s an amazing time of year to let go of the past and welcome the new.

Journalling can be great. Writing on sheets of paper and burning them symbolically can be helpful, too.


If you’re drawn to stones, rocks and crystals, these can be a great support.

You might want to set an intention to help you choose one to represent all you’re ready to release and keep cleansing it.

Each time those old patterns, beliefs, behaviours and energies resurface, you might want to burn another sheet of paper (having written what you’re ready to release) or do some more tapping.

You might also want to simply cleanse the stone you’ve chosen. You can use your breath and imagine it transforming the energies you’re ready to release so they can be sent back into the earth and recycled for the benefit of the planet.

Or you might want to use the cold tap and run it over (as long as the stone is waterproof – avoid water with crystals like malachite and selenite).

You can also (carefully) allow incense or the flame to cleanse them.

You might want to deep cleanse ALL your crystals ready for the new year.

And you might want to choose a stone or some stones to support your intentions.

Clear quartz is one of my favourites for clarity around intentions as well as representing sparkly light returning.

I also feel drawn to warming ambers, red jasper, bumblebee jasper and citrine to support the ease inducing energies I’m keen to be more open to.

Depending on your intention and your own preferences and energies, notice what YOU’RE drawn to for you.

You can access more information and a video to help you choose and work with crystals HERE

Would you like more support in letting go of the blocks that stop you thriving?

If my approach appeals, you can get in touch to arrange a free telephone consultation

Alternatively, you might find the book and / or Feel Better Every Day online membership programme helpful.

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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