Are You Making Life Harder than it Needs to Be?

Do you feel like you’re cheating when you do what feels easy and enjoyable?

I’ve been cycling more again lately and there are stretches where I happily (sometimes no handedly) freewheel down mentally singing Wheeeeeee.

And (up until the past couple of days where I haven’t needed to) there’ve been a couple of spots where I’d hop (slump) off and push Wheelberforce MagnifiBike uphill.

Up until last week, I felt BAD going downhill. Like I was cheating somehow.

Finally, something clicked and I realised that of course I was ‘paying for’ the easy downhill stretches with the hillier bits.

This reframe has helped me start admiring it much more, admiring the views and taking my hands off the handlebars when it feels safe to do so (in order to get as close to flying under my own steam as I’m ever likely to get).

Trauma survivors often feel like life is ALL uphill

I know I used to. Things other people seemed to navigate with ease felt impossible for me.

When working with clients, especially trauma survivors, who feel stuck, the holistic approach is really helpful. I encourage them to tune into their body’s wisdom (a somatic approach) and energy as well as incorporating traditional talk therapy and coaching.

Even clients who wouldn’t describe themselves as particularly embodied (at ease in their own skin, aware of their whole selves) can usually discern between thoughts that lift or lower their energy.

In spite of this, there are often blocks to actually DOING what they KNOW will help them feel better.

Part of my job is to encourage them to learn to listen to that inner voice of knowing – their Self, Higher Self, Miraculous Self, Atma, True Self, Wild Self or whatever else they might call it.

Journal prompts

When you mentally scan your life – work, relationships, home, family etc – what feels GOOD?

For example, when public health guidelines allow, some people LOVE hosting family and friends. Others loathe it but are great at doing other things.

How does it feel to imagine yourself doing more of what you love and less of what you loathe?

What springs to mind?

Maybe you’re self-employed and think you can’t afford to outsource anything?

This reflective exercise costs absolutely NOTHING to do. It’s not like you’ll suddenly be compelled to DO whatever springs to mind but by giving your unconscious mind and your inner wisdom a little bit of a voice here, you’ll be planting potential seeds for when it IS appropriate for your business.

Imagine yourself being able to take as many things off your plate as possible – home, work, whatever.

List everything.

Even getting a better sense of what’s easier or more challenging means that you’ll be better able to work with the energy you have to make the more loathsome things less draining.

And enjoy doing what you love!

What comes up for you?

If you found this helpful, I have LOADS of free self care coaching resources under the Help Yourself section of the site

If you’d like a little more structure, now’s a great time to join the Call of the Wild ~ Take Better Care of Your Self online membership programme as I’m having a pandemic sale with 25% off (for as many months as you choose to remain a member).

And if you do just ONE thing differently as a result of reading this, it might be as simple as noticing your own energy levels as you do or even contemplate doing things.

What lifts your energy?

What drains it?

What does it FEEL like when you’re energised and enthusiastic? Where in your body do you feel it most strongly?

What about when you’re losing the will? What part of your body lets you know it’s time for a break or to reach out for support?

Let me know (if you’d like to).

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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