What STINKS in Your Life Right Now?

Y’all KNOW how much I love my new home, hometown, country… Been living in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland for 18 months next week!

Still, sometimes, the pics and vids I share (just like EVERYTHING on social media) don’t tell the whole story.

Thought you might be amused by the SMELLS of the countryside.

Got a really sweet text from a neighbour about shutting the doors and windows on account of the slurry but read it too late (all the doors and windows WERE open).

Still, even the stinkiest of situations can be helpful when we get curious about what’s going on.

Here are some journal prompts you may want to play with

Resist the lure of toxic positivity.

What feels really sh**ty in your life right now?

What springs to mind? What thoughts keep causing pain? Maybe it’s a matter of thinking different kinds of thoughts but maybe the painful thoughts are your cue to do something with the anger and stinkiness of the situation?

Physically, what STINKS? This may be pain? A flexibility issue? An illness? Something as minimal as a mosquito bite or stinging nettles? What is your body begging you to listen to right now? If you ignore the part of yourself that tries to be positive all the time, how can you get curious about these somatic stink bombs? How might they be trying to HELP you?

Emotionally, what stink bombs are you dropping on yourself? How are you making whatever sh**storms you’re navigating worse by talking to yourself harshly? Maybe you’re feeling extra tearful? What might you transform by ALLOWING the tears, the frustrations and more to be released (with compassion)?

What is your soul crying out for right now? Sure, there’s SO MUCH MORE to you than whatever stinky situations you’ve survived and are navigating (or anxious about facing in the future). Still, when we’re experiencing a ‘dark night of the soul’, rich transformation awaits when we stop arguing with reality and get curious about what things are trying to teach us. How our problems might be trying to help us.

What springs to mind for you?

Wishing you a beautifully fragrant week ahead!

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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