Cat Coaching for Self Care ~ Do What Feels Good for YOU in Any Given Moment

Hi! Rainbow MagnifiCat here again, from, sharing some more feline wisdom (as translated by my human – she does her best) to help y’all be more cat (in all the good ways).

One of the things my human admires MOST about me is the way I am true to what feels like the right move in ANY given moment.

I don’t rush my decision making process based on other people’s expectations.

I keep tuning into what feels right for me. And I change my mind when what feels right changes.

For example, usually, when cars come up the driveway, I make myself comfortable under the duvet

It feels safe there.

When the additional humans arrive, they come in to pay their respects and gently lift the duvet to say hello and tell me, in their own ways, how adorable I am.

I often just sit there and purr and purr and purr.

Sometimes, I come out and accept public belly rubs.

And, like Evie, they KNOW that while I love belly rubs and have requested (I’m not afraid to let people know what I want) belly rubs, the Murder Button may be activated at ANY MOMENT.

It’s up to them to be mindful and keep an eye out on little warning signs like the tip of my tail.

They get such a dopamine hit when belly rubs are completed without anyone being bitten (it’s only ever a nip but they prefer my purrs to my disapproval).

Sometimes, I love brocoli, peas, baked beans and other veggies. My human is a vegan.

Everyone has high hopes when visitors leave me meaty or fishy treats.

Of COURSE I prefer these to brocoli. But I don’t eat them all at once. I explore, check in with myself and sometimes – usually – figure it’ll be there later.

I realise my feline friends with adopted siblings don’t have this luxury but it’s important to eat what feels good, when it feels good.

Similarly, lap or belly availability on my human’s timeframe is sometimes lovely. It makes her so happy to tap her belly or lap and have me jump up and purr.

But I also like it when I interrupt her doing other things and she STOPS because I want to be scooped up and carried around or to sit on her in a way that means she has only ONE priority – encouraging my purrs.

I support her mindfulness practice too as anytime her mind wanders from me, I bite her to remind her of her priorities.

Sometimes, I’m sure I want to go out / come in. But then, I change my mind. I can do this until the cows come home.

So many variables.

Similarly, sometimes, I want to use Evie’s back or shoulder as a bridge or stepping stone to leap higher.

Other times, I lose interest.

I might see something and decide that looks good. Or I might hear something. Feel something. Smell something. Taste something.

My fine tuned senses help me process all sorts of things.

As does adequate rest.

Y’all see cat sleeping loads and loads but this down time is essential to give me the energy to go into hoolikitten or Kitten of the Apocalypse mode.

My human is learning from me that it’s sometimes good to change your mind as new information or feelings make themselves known.

Think I’m embarrassed to change direction mid leap?

Not at all.

I always go with the best available intel in any given moment.

You might want to do the same: notice the information from YOUR senses (you KNOW what you want and what’s right, you simply lack the cattitude to have the courage of your convictions).

Do as much of what feels good as possible.

Meow for now,

Rainbow MagnifiCat 🌈

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