Cat Coaching for Self Care ~ Covid Edition

Hi! Rainbow MagnifiCat here again from ~ you HUMANS. What are you like? Am hoping some more of my feline wisdom will help you as your lockdowns ease and you return to a new normality… (as translated by my human – she does her best but, we’ll see…)

Cat Coaching for Self Care Covid Self Care Rainbow MagnifiCat Eve Menezes Cunningham online therapy

You see the picture of my friend?

I don’t mind sharing (there’s strength in vulnerability, you know) that I used to be TERRIFIED of him.

Evie would say to go out if I wanted to but then said I’d come home with a toilet brush tail where it went so bushy from fear. He used to be MEAN. And SCARY (to me. Am sure he was a delight elsewhere. You should have seen him with the calf yesterday.)

Somewhere along the way, we’ve become friends. (Maybe more. I’m keeping Evie guessing. I’ve been spayed so can have fun if I want to.)

She took this pic today after seeing me inside and clearly hearing mewing outside.

We both went to investigate and she wasn’t quick enough to snap a pic of my running out to rub noses with my new bestie but she saw it. and, naturally, was charmed.

You humans can’t be doing anything CLOSE to rubbing noses with each other – social distancing is so important – but you can connect in as many other ways as possible.

It might feel a bit anxiety inducing. It probably will.

Life has changed so much. Things you used to consider treats – hairdresser visits for some of you weirdos, restaurant visits (more understandable from my perspective) wearing masks… I’ve seen Evie’s masks.

Glad I don’t have to wear one but am glad you humans have the OPTION.

It means you can start spreading your human equivalent of wings.

Here’s a self care tool from Evie to help you spread them more fully

(Mmm. Wings. Delicious.)

The more you all (apart from those with health issues around them) wear the masks, just indoors where you can’t guarantee the social distancing or the timeframes are longer, the less stigma people will feel.

When people come here now, Evie asks them to wash their hands. She gets some looks (I see them) but while no one LOOKS like they have the plague, you all MIGHT.

See how different things feel. Do more of what feels good.

Notice what feels especially anxiety inducing and ask yourself WHY?

How might you adapt your approach?

You can’t walk in off the street to buy something in certain shops or go into a cafe or restaurant on the spur of the moment.

Maybe you can use those devices so many of you (EVIE. HINT HINT) spend so much time on to phone from outside the shop or restaurant in case they CAN fit you in.

We felines are majestic. Wondrous. Divine. Flexible. Adaptable. Powerful. Mighty ~ I could go on but you get the pic.

Be more cat.

Be gentle with yourselves and know it’s purrfectly NORMAL to be a bit anxious about getting back on the trains / Tubes / buses etc.

Keep washing those hands (Evie’s grateful that her allergy to moi means she’s always had to wash her paws each time she scoops me up for cuddles or strokes me).

Keep your distance from each other but enjoy each other.

You’re not as cute as us cats rubbing noses but y’all ARE cute the way you get so happy to see your loved ones again.

Focus on the benefits, frequent the spaces that feel safe enough and enjoy your new found freedoms (while staying as healthy and well as pawsible).

Meow for now,

Rainbow MagnifiCat

PS – Evie here. Remember there are loads of Covid self care resources you can access for free, no need to even sign up for anything, via the site (including Yoga Nidra and EFT for Covid anxiety)

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