How Are Your Strange Covid Dreams Trying to HELP You?

Whether you’re missing loved ones even more than usual or happy to have more alone time, today’s blog has step by step instructions to help you decipher any dream you choose:

1) Pick a dream. Any dream.

2) Write it down. Longhand, ideally but you can use whatever method feels best for you.

This is made up but will help me demonstrate:

A circus performer thinks a cow is an elephant and although everyone else is saying it’s a cow, he is sure he knows best.

3) Look at what you’ve written and circle the nouns and verbs of the dream.

From the example above, circus performer, cow, everyone else, feeling sure

4) One by one, connect with each circled element and give your unconscious mind a voice. Write three adjectives about each element as if YOU are each element.

Eg. I am the circus performer. I am confident. I am wild. I am a dreamer.

5) Now, AS each element again, connect with how it is a message from your unconscious mind to help YOU, here in 2020.

Eg. I am trying to help Eve by connecting her with that boldness.

6) Repeat for each element.

7) Pause. Notice how you feel. Maybe journal around what it means for you.

The book has more information about this tool but with the steps above, you can take any dream and unlock wisdom you had no idea you had access to.

Personally, I wake up remembering a good three strange dreams every day.

Even so, lockdown living has upped the ante. I don’t do this (I wouldn’t have time to do anything else if I did!) with every dream, just the ones that stay with me.

Sometimes these are delicious dreams I want to reconnect with and learn from.

More often, they’re dream hangovers and I know that I’ll process whatever my unconscious mind is dealing with faster if I connect with it instead of trying to ignore it.

Getting into the habit of spending even a couple of minutes, first thing, noting each dream:

a) makes it more likely that you’ll condition yourself to remember more dreams and their potential for richness and transformation and

b) means you can get on with your day and if you find yourself drawn back to any particular dream, you already have the bones of it written so can start the analysis with step 3 (above).

I hope you’ve found this helpful and that you have fun exploring the wisdom of the silliest and scariest of your dreams.

If you’d like to work with me to explore them – or anything else – in more depth, get in touch to find out how we might work together.

Wishing you a very Happy Easter (if you celebrate and Happy Sunday if you don’t).

With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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