Loving Lockdown or Feeling Lonely?

I love the Butterfly Hug.

Developed by wife and husband team, Lucina Artigas and Ignacio Jarero to support survivors of Hurricane Pauline in Mexico, 1998, it’s been used since to help people ground themselves and self soothe.

It also helps balance both sides of the brain.

And, like the butterfly it’s named for, it can help us connect with the transformative elements of whatever stresses or traumas it’s helping us ground through.

As demonstrated in the video above, it’s very simple.

Place both feet comfortably on the ground. Take a complete breath.

Cross the thumbs and gently tap the fingers, one hand then the other (let the first pause before the next as this is what helps stimulate both right and left hemispheres of the brain).

You might prefer to gently cross the hands and tap one and then the other.

Or hug the arms, again, tapping one then the other.

There are no side effects, just the gentle soothing, grounding action and, especially if you’re alone during the lockdown, a bit of a hug!

Touch is so important for wellbeing.

Rainbow MagnifiCat has been super snuggly which is great for me but I miss humans 🙂

You might enjoy this clip of our President, Michael D Higgins, talking to Tommy Tiernan about (consensual) touch being essential.

And whether you’re physically alone or surrounded by loved ones, we can ALL benefit from Metta / Loving Kindness meditations at this time.

When I read about the women who’d been murdered just last week by their violent partners, worrying about all the people who are locked down in toxic, abusive and otherwise unsafe homes felt unbearable until I remembered my Metta and did some extra last night.

I did a longer version today and included many other groups you might share concern for and feel helpless around actually supporting.

It’s not the same as medical professionals and others’ heroics but our energy makes a difference and sending Loving Kindness rather than worry and helplessness is a way of connecting and expanding that heart energy.

The whole meditation is explained in the video and you can adapt it to suit your own needs.

How are you getting on in lockdown?

Between online friends and colleagues, clients and supervisees and loved ones, I’ve been hearing lots of different perspectives on this same global phenomenon.

Some people are genuinely loving lockdown.

Others are really struggling.

I hope these videos help you soothe yourself, ground, smile and open your heart to send yourself and everyone else on the planet compassion and Loving Kindess.

And you can access additional Covid self care coaching tools and Be Your Own Self Care Coach videos and other resources throughout the site

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With love,

Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coach therapist supervisor

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