Cat Coaching for Self Care #15 ~ Inhale. Paws. Exhale. Paws.

Hi, Rainbow MagnifiCat (as translated by her human) from here again to help you find some of your own cattitude.

Evie loves watching me breathe so much, she made me the star of her most recent marketing campaign (since February, I’m on this flyer AND her new pop up banner).

I endorsed her use of my image with this message because working with the breath IS so important.

We cats, of course, do it more naturally than you humans.

But it’s SUCH a simple thing to tweak with pretty big benefits not only to your mood but your physiology.

This simple Inhale. Paws. Exhale. Paws. spacious breath helps create a sense of space not only in the lungs ( and it’s especially important to do all you humans can to keep your lungs as healthy as possible right now ) but also mentally and emotionally .

Struggling feeling cooped up because you’re self isolating or social distancing? Even if you’re hanging out under the duvet, you can reconnect with the breath any time you choose.

Adding the little paws in at the end of every inhale and exhale can make it that bit easier to stay mindful during this little meditation

Inhale. Paws. Exhale. Paws.

And, with practice, you can retrain the nervous system to help you feel calmer more of the time and even rewire the brain.

Stressing out watching the news?

Inhale. Paws. Exhale. Paws.

Missing the loved ones you can’t see in real life because of social distancing or self isolation?

Inhale. Paws. Exhale. Paws.

Feeling stressed because loved ones are so THERE due to as many people as possible staying at home at the moment?

Inhale. Paws. Exhale. Paws.

The headspace this breath practice offers can also help you do whatever’s possible to find some actual space for yourself.

I love the top cupboard as the height gives me some perspective on things that felt bigger from the floor or bed or sofa.

I’m lucky right now. Evie chose all her Irish homes for me but this, our furever home, is the best. I have space to roam outside as well as inside.

I’m becoming friends with the little lambs next door.

There are LAMBS. Next door.

I am very fortunate.

But I am used to having to find that sense of space in my head when feeling overcrowded.

I was born under a car in a small town in Essex. My siblings and I were taken to a rescue shelter and we got excellent care but it WAS tight for space.

We and my mum were all in one little pen about the size of a hot press (airing cupboard).

We had our litter tray, food, water, a cat tree to play on and all of us little purr monsters.

Yes, we were the (cutest) teeniest, tiniest kittens – my mama was pretty tiny herself – but STILL.

You can imagine.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we shared the shed our little section was in with several other cats.

Mew mew mew mew mew mew mew. All day. All night.

When I went home with Evie, I had the run of her flat (after I came out of hiding behind a bookcase) but shared the communal garden with several other cats at some points (many of them dopplegangers).

As well as lots of human neighbours, all these cats…. Yikes.

Inhale. Paws. Exhale. Paws.

In her rural rental studio, it was small but I had lots of hiding places. And a stable door so I could get home quickly if the dogs were around.

Wherever you live, you’re likely to have challenges of some sort but as long as you have your breath, you can paws and use it to help you reconnect with your resourcefulness.

Or simply take a break from all the worries, stresses, anxieties and cat-astrophies you’re thinking about.

Inhale. Paws. Exhale. Paws.

Have fun with it.

If you have your own creature of purry magnificence and wonderment – or a dog or something (Evie adores dogs. Me, well, meh) – watch her or him breathe and let that guide you as you find your own natural rhythm.

Inhale. Paws. Exhale. Paws.

Feel the lungs expanding. Feel that stale air being released and the fresh new air – that bit CLEANER now on account of all the changes humans are making – coming in to bring you the oxygen and life force you need.

Inhale. Paws. Exhale. Paws.

You might do this for a few minutes at a time but, in a pinch, even ONE Inhale. Paws. Exhale. Paws. will help you give your brain a break.

Reconnect with your body, your breath.

Change the way you feel.

Boost your health and wellbeing.

Enhance your brain health.

Improve your lung capacity.

Inhale. Paws. Exhale. Paws.

Meow for now,

Rainbow MagnifiCat x

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