Cat Coaching for Self Care #14 ~ Make Yourself Comfortable for the Duration

Mew. Rainbow MagnifiCat back from (as translated by her human) with more cattitude for people concerned about Covid19

What do you MEAN, this doesn’t look comfortable? Try different things. You might surprise yourself

You humans have so much to learn from us felines.

We know how to make ourselves comfortable almost ANYwhere.

Sometimes we get it wrong but we quickly leap down (it’s almost always after a misjudged climb) as if we didn’t care.

I didn’t want to be up there anyway.

There’s no point arguing with reality.

And that applies to all the adjustments you now need to make to help stop the spread of this coronavirus.

It is what it is.

These measures are going to keep everyone safer and healthier and while we felines have a reputation for not actually caring about our human helpers, we DO.

Who will feed us if you’re gone?

Who will make a fuss over us?

Who will sing to us?

Self care isn’t just important for your own health.

As Dr Colm Henry, Chief Clinical Officer with the HSE told Ryan Tubridy on Friday’s Late Late Show, ‘The best way to mind yourself is to mind everyone else.’

(What, you think we felines don’t pay any attention to what you’re watching? We’re multitalented. We can purr and listen at the same time.)

Instead of thinking about all the places you’d like to be, take a look at your options.

Where can you make yourself most comfortable?

You don’t have to stay HOME, just away from other people.

Go for as many walks as you like, just keep that 2 meter space between you and others wherever possible.

We know what it’s like.

How many times have you locked us in while you’ve gone out?

Do we howl and howl and howl and howl and howl? (You might never know unless you have one of those hidden cameras.)

I don’t know about my feline friends (they might pretend to be cool but really miss their humans like those dogs) but I know that when Evie leaves, I simply pad around like the mini panther of purry purrfection I am until I settle on a spot that feels right in that moment.

I might move a moment later or fall asleep and stay a while.

I take it one step at a time.

There’s the rocking chair, the bed, the sofa, other chairs, bits of floor that suddenly look inviting, window sills… the world is my lobster.

There’s no need to feel bad for me.

And there’s no need to feel bad for yourself.

Even if you’re ill, you have a good chance of recovery.

And if you’re healthy, you can stay healthy and stop the spread by taking extra time for yourself – this extra time at home could be good for you.

We cats move, stretch and jump naturally.

I adore climbing trees and telegraph poles. I love running through the fields, mewing while the cows next door moo and the sheep bahhh and the crows caw. I miss my friends when I’m not allowed out or the weather’s bad and I choose home comfort over socialising.

But just because I can’t always do what I want doesn’t mean I mope about it. I play inside. I encourage Evie to play Fetch with me. I hoolikitten around the place like a thing possessed.

If you’re missing the gym or pool or whatever, you can adapt your usual ways of moving for home based work outs.

Apparently, as well as lots of cat videos, the internet has some online workouts and classes of all kinds available.

This break from being on the usual treadmill of life might give you a chance to experiment with different types of movement that feel good to you.

Notice what makes you growl.

Do less of that.

Notice what makes you purr.

Do MORE of that.

Think about your reactions to the restrictions. Which social engagements were you HAPPY to cancel? Which do you really miss?

When the world heals and is your lobster again, do more of the latter.

Who knows, with a good book or film or tv show, the fire on, comfy pjs, good food and (if you’re lucky) a purring cat on your lap, you may well enjoy elements of this ‘social distancing’ I keep hearing about.

You might feel like you’ve been grounded in the teenage sense, but getting grounded in the feline sense (feeling the paws and the connection to the nourishing earth energy that heals and supports us all) might be exactly what you need right now.

Final word of advice to help you find your own cattitude again? Read the sensible advice.

This hopeful message from China might help reassure you that it’s worth it. (We cats can read, too you know.)

You’ll be back out climbing trees with your friends in no time.

Meow for now,

Rainbow MagnifiCat

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