Cat Coaching for Self Care #13 – Don’t Let Anyone Hold You Back

Hi. Rainbow MagnifiCat back again, sharing more feline wisdom (as translated by my human).

Don’t let ANYone hold you back.

No matter how well intentioned they might be.

Sometimes, self care is all about setting boundaries.

I knew this would be a tough one for Evie – she so loves to offer her back and shoulders to help me leap from bed to cupboard.

Purpose and meaning‘ she says.

But I wanted to do it myself.

Evie offered her shoulders a few times. Each time, I could have done our (in her imagination) Olympic gymnast act where I used her as a springboard but I ignored her.

I needed to do it myself.

And I DID it.

Can you think of an area in your life where other people – maybe with the best intentions in the world – maybe not – are holding you back?

Concerns that they can’t help expressing?

Sowing seeds of doubt as you get ready to reach new heights (or risk scrambling or even falling as you get yourself sorted)?

How might you lovingly but firmly say, ‘I’ve got this’?

Or, ‘Instead of imagining all the ways in which this could go wrong, it would mean a lot to me if you either wished me happy, healthy, peaceful and at ease or at least didn’t give your worries energy’?

How might you surround yourself with supportive voices?

Cats – people, whatever – who believe in you?

Worries can be great in terms of problem solving. I’m not suggesting denial of reality or ignoring risks.

Give yourself permission to do a risk assessment and put the appropriate supports in place or change tack.

But at a certain point, we have to trust that we DO know what we’re doing and take that leap.

I believe in you.

Meow for now,

Rainbow MagnifiCat

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